Luke 12:20 Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?

Luke 12:21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

Jesus wasn’t known for mincing words. How could He? From His perspective, eternity was at stake. He recognized the consequences of wasting your life. It wasn’t just a few years, eternity was being wasted. The Lord recognized the urgency that living for eternity involved, after all, He lives in eternity with is Father. To Him, the biggest waste was to live only for the here and now. He knew there was much more important stakes involved. Here is how Jonathan Edwards explained it.

“So that if we improve our lives to any other purpose than as a journey towards heaven, all our labor will be lost. If we spend our lives in the pursuit of a temporal happiness; if we set our hearts on riches and seek happiness in them; if we seek to be happy in sensual pleasures; if we spend our lives to seek the credit and esteem of men, the good will and respect of others; if we set our hearts on our children and look to be happy in the enjoyment of them, in seeing them well brought up, and well settled, all these things will be of little significancy to us. Death will blow up all our hopes and expectations, and will put an end to our enjoyment of these things. The places that have known us will know us no more, and the eye that hath seen us shall see us no more. We must be taken away forever from all these things. And ’tis uncertain when. It may be soon after we have received them and are put into the possession of them; it may be in the midst of our days, and from the midst of our enjoyments. Where will be all our worldly employments and enjoyments when we are laid in the silent grave? For “man lieth down, and riseth not again: till the heavens be no more” (Job 14:12).”

This is quite unnerving to the natural man. The natural man only concerns himself with temporal activities and temporal enjoyments. He lives his life as if heaven doesn’t exist. For the spiritual person, heaven is his destination. His life has become consumed and focused on this heavenly journey. If that is you, you won’t be disappointed.

One Reply to “THOU FOOL”

  1. I’m truly awaiting the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! Living in a perfect world would be most fulfilling! Come Lord Jesus Christ! Come now!

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