Is. 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

There is no greater promise than the one we see in this famous Christmas prophesy, the virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son, and shall call His name “God with us”. This promise is true no matter what. It is true when Katrina blows away our city, it is true when the doctor uses that dreaded ‘c-word’, it is true when death knocks at the door, or if you get laid off from your job. He is with us. He is with us to help us. He helps us with provision, healing, deliverance, guidance, counsel; He is with us to help us in all circumstances. He is also with us just to be with us. His abiding presence is the greatest of all Christmas gifts. This is the promise of the ages,God Himself has come to us in the person of His Son and in the person of the Holy Spirit. Here are some powerful comments from David Brainerd’s Journal on God with us.

“Longed with intense desire after God; my whole soul seemed impatient to be conformed to him, and to become ‘holy, as he is holy.’ In the afternoon, prayed with a dear friend privately, and had the presence of God with us; our souls united together to reach after a blessed immortality, to be unclothed of the body of sin and death, and to enter the blessed world, where no unclean thing enters. O, with what intense desire did our souls long for that blessed day, that we might be freed from sin, and for ever live to and in our God! In the evening, took leave of that house; but first kneeled down and prayed; the Lord was of a truth in the midst of us; it was a sweet parting season; felt in myself much sweetness and affection in the things of God. Blessed be God for every such divine gale of his Spirit, to speed me on in my way to the new Jerusalem! Felt some sweetness afterwards, and spent the evening in conversation with friends, and prayed with some life, and retired to rest very late.”

Brainerd is describing the sweet communion we share together in Christ. This  Christmas don’t forasake the assembling together with other Christians. This is often where that “divine gale” begins to blow and we experience God with us.

One Reply to “GOD IS WITH US”

    Thank YOU JESUS for being with me ALL the time.
    Thank YOU for protection and guidance.

    Awesome BLOG PASTOR FRANK, love you too.
    Have a blessed and FILLED evening. HALLELUJAH. 🙂

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