Heb. 10:19 ¶ Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus,
Heb. 10:20 by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh,

It was on a cold, rainy day in the coastal mountains of Oregon in the 1970’s that I stumbled on a mini book by Andrew Murray called “Let us Draw Nigh”. That little book rocked my world. In it, the Lord began to call me to a new level of consecration to God. It was the phrase, “new and living way” that grabbed my attention. Murray repeated that phrase again and again as he spoke of the heavenly life. I had been stuck in the ‘feeling sorry for myself’ zone and this heavenly life seemed very far away. Murray’s words literally dripped with the heavenly world. Somehow I knew the key was those words, ’a new and living way’. Here is a short excerpt from that book, hope it calls you closer.

“As we are made partakers of Christ, as we come to God through Him, His life, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, takes possession of us, and in His strength we follow in the footsteps of Christ Jesus. The way into the Holiest is the living way of perfect conformity to Jesus, wrought in us by His Spirit. The new and living way through the rent veil into the Holiest. We now know what it is: it is the way of death. Yes, the way of death is the way of life. The only way to be set free from our fallen nature, with the curse and power of sin resting on it, is to die to it. Jesus denied Himself, would do nothing to please that nature He had taken, sinless though it was in Him. He denied it; He died to it. This was to Him the path of life. And this is to us the living way.”

That’s it, the way to the path of life is the path of death. We have to die to ourselves that we can live to God. That’s what the blood of Jesus was about. Not only is the blood sacrificial, it cleanses us of our sins, it also speaks to us of another way to live our lives; the new and living way. Like Jesus said, it is in dying that we live. So let’s follow Jesus to the cross, it leads us to an empty tomb and a throne in the heavenlies.

One Reply to “A NEW WAY TO LIVE”

  1. Gods word is perfect my friends! I love it when he surprises us! When his presence is near us because of something we done. At times my mind can’t even recollect what was done. Read psalm 40 and feast upon Gods word! Thanks my Lord Jesus Christ!

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