1Pet. 1:8 Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory,

One of my greatest earthly treasures are ‘The Works of Jonathan Edwards’ produced by Yale University Press. I began to collect these volumes (there are 26 hard bound books) shortly after the visitation of the Spirit in 1994. Volume four in this series has to be my favorite, it contains writings by Edwards dealing with the outpouring of the Spirit in his church. One of these was his famous work called ‘A Faithful Narrative”. In that volume there are various testimonies of individuals in the church in Northampton that experienced the effect of the Spirit in their life. Today’s excerpt describes the doctrinal emphasis of salvation by grace through faith permeated with a sense of supernatural joy. Enjoy!

“They very often speak much of their sense of the excellency of the way of salvation by free and sovereign grace, through the righteousness of Christ alone; and how it is with delight that they renounce their own righteousness, and rejoice in having no account made of it. Many have expressed themselves to this purpose, that it would lessen the satisfaction they hope for in heaven to have it by their own righteousness, or in any other way than as bestowed by free grace, and for Christ’s sake alone. They speak much of the inexpressibleness of what they experience, how their words fail, so that they can in no wise declare it: and particularly speak with exceeding admiration of the superlative excellency of that pleasure and delight of soul, which they sometimes enjoy; how a little of it is sufficient to pay ’em for all the pains and trouble they have gone through in seeking salvation; and how far it exceeds all earthly pleasures: and some express much of the sense which these spiritual views give ’em of the vanity of earthly enjoyments, how mean and worthless all these things appear to ‘em.”

I love the purity that I sense as I read the testimony of people touched by Christ almost 300 years ago. I guess it is so special to me because it rings so close to home. Their story is my story. The question I want to pose to you is this, is this your story? Has your heart been awakened by the kiss of sovereign joy. Have you drunk from the well of amazing grace? If so, your voice joins together with those from ancient revivals telling the story that no words can tell.

One Reply to “NO WORDS CAN TELL”

  1. Amen!! Yes thank you pastor I was reading and searching for his sermons last night!! Love reading them!! Thank you have a blessed day :)!!

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