“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” —Hebrews 1:14

Angels are seen all throughout the Bible. We see them from the guarding of Eden to their involvement with the judgement seen in the book of Revelation. Jacob saw angels in his dream on his first night away from home. These angels were ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder to the throne of God. Isaiah saw angels in his vision of the Lord in the temple. Daniel had angelic visitations as he was involved with intercession for his nation. Angels announced the Lord’s birth, ministered to Him during His temptation, and came to Him when His soul was troubled in Gethsemane. Peter was liberated from a prison cell by an angel, an angel came to Paul during the great storm on the sea, an angel even directed Phillip in his evangelistic outreach to the Ethiopian treasurer. If you really think about, angels have been around a lot. Actually they are always around ministering to and for the heirs of God. They are there with you right now, they are always on duty. Here are some of Spurgeon’s thoughts on angels.
“Angels are the unseen attendants of the saints of God; they bear us up in their hands, lest we dash our foot against a stone. Loyalty to their Lord leads them to take a deep interest in the children of His love; they rejoice over the return of the prodigal to his father’s house below, and they welcome the advent of the believer to the King’s palace above. In olden times the sons of God were favored with their visible appearance, and at this day, although unseen by us, heaven is still opened, and the angels of God ascend and descend upon the Son of man, that they may visit the heirs of salvation. Seraphim still fly with live coals from off the altar to touch the lips of men greatly beloved. If our eyes could be opened, we should see horses of fire and chariots of fire about the servants of the Lord; for we have come to an innumerable company of angels, who are all watchers and protectors of the seed-royal.”

Why doesn’t the Lord allow us to see them? It seems to me that they are so amazing that even the Apostle John was tempted to worship an angel during his heavenly encounter. We don’t need to see them or hear from them, we have the written word for that. Its just good to know that we are surrounded. There are more with us than against us.

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