“Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promise, in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

Acts 1:4–5

Shortly after Katrina decimated New Orleans, Parris and I found ourselves living in a trailer in the driveway of our flooded home. We were the first people back on our street and the only ones there for many weeks. Our only neighbors were the occasional visits from the patrolling National Guard. We were running our lives with a gas operated generator. You don’t really notice the importance of electric power until you don’t have it. That generator became precious and essential for everything we did. That is the way it is with the power of God. Without it we can do nothing. With God’s power, all things are possible. I like to think of the power of God as our generator, the source of life for all we do. Here are some thoughts by Andrew Murray about the importance of this spiritual generator.

“The Lord’s command to preach the gospel to all people not only applied to the disciples, but also to all followers of Christ. The very last command Jesus gave to His disciples, namely not to preach until they had received the power from on high, also applies to us.
The church appears to have lost sight of this great secret (this was written in the 1800’s). We seem to have forgotten that it is only by living in the power of the Holy Spirit that we can preach the gospel. This might be the reason why so much preaching and so much working bear so little fruit. The church lacks the much-availing prayer that brings down the power from on high.
The secret of Pentecost is that the disciples continued with one accord in prayer and supplication until they were filled with the Holy Spirit. They then proved what the mighty power of God could do through them.”

Prayer connects us to the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit. In light of this truth think about the condition our world is in today. For example, just today I read in the news about ebola outbreaks, beheadings, execution of Christians in the Middle East, inappropriate behavior of teachers with their students, and multiple failings by our government officials. You get the picture, our world is sick and dying. Nothing less than the power of God can effect the troubled lives of the people in our world. The good news is that unlimited power is available for His church; all we did to do is look to the Lord in prayer.

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