Rom. 11:36 ¶ For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

Its funny to me how every one becomes a know-it-all when it comes to spiritual things. Its almost as if some of us think God is lucky to have us on His team. What would the Lord do if we weren’t involved? That’s quite silly if you really think about it. Reminds me of God’s famous response to Job, “Where were you Job, when I laid the foundations of the earth? Does the hawk fly by your wisdom or the eagle soar by your command?” Our God has been content in Himself from all eternity, He was satisfied in His relationship with His Son even before there was a creation. Jonathan Edwards speaks powerfully about the reason God created everything. If you like this quote, read his treatise called “The End for which God Created the Earth.”

“God is infinitely, eternally, unchangeably, and independently glorious and happy; that he cannot be profited by, or receive anything from, the creature; or be the subject of any sufferings, or diminution of his glory and felicity, from any other being. The notion of God creating the world, in order to receive any thing properly from the creature, is not only contrary to the nature of God, but inconsistent with the notion of creation; which implies a being receiving its existence, and all that belongs to it, out of nothing. And this implies the most perfect, absolute, and universal derivation and dependence. Now, if the creature receives its ALL from God, entirely and perfectly, how is it possible that it should have any thing to add to God to make him in any respect more than he was before, and so the Creator become dependent on the creature. And as the Creator is infinite, and has all possible existence, perfection, and excellence, so he must have all possible regard. As he is every way the first and supreme, and as his excellency is in all respects the supreme beauty and glory, the original good, and fountain of all good; so he must have in all respects the supreme regard. And as he is God over all, to whom all are properly subordinate and on whom all depend, worthy to reign as supreme Head, with absolute and universal dominion; so it is fit that he should be so regarded by all,”

So when you start to think you are “all that” open up your Bible and draw near to God. Its in that place where God reveals Himself that we begin to understand He is the Giver, we are His receivers.


  1. Amen!!! Jesus you are all that! You are the the over all! Yes worthy to reign as supreme head!!! So father we ask to draw closer to you in your word and thank you are the giver of life!! We love you father!!

  2. The corrupt and fallen nature of this world attempts to repackage and present as new “cutting edge” the self promoting, self important, “street smart” individual. It’s almost exactly like the testosterone filled teenager that doesn’t even know who they are, so they imitate those that they deem “successful” in attaining the “treasures of this world” I can remember when things changed at a much slower pace, but the way it seems everything is being speeded up, perhaps the tables are turning, and only the true spiritually in tuned (oil filled) believers will have incite and answers for a world on life support.

  3. Good morning God! Truly do you humble me Lord! Your Holy Spirit never stops educating me! Thanks Jesus Christ! I love the picture of your throne in the book of Ezekiel! Chapter one in that book has a vast amount of detail.

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