Zech. 4:10  For who has despised the day of small things?

For these seven rejoice to see

The plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.

They are the eyes of the LORD,

Which scan to and fro throughout the whole earth.”

We live in a world that judges everything by the outward appearance. From the good looks of a potential partner, to the curb appeal of a new house, how something appears can be a deal breaker or a deal maker. Outward impressions are not only not always accurate, they can be out right deceiving. Looking at the pathetic progress in rebuilding the temple in Zachariah’s day was pretty discouraging. I am sure the twelve ragamuffin disciples weren’t much to look at when the crowds stopped following Jesus. Zechariah’s temple was built and the band of followers following Christ were the foundation stones for the church that is still being built today. An appearance of outward success may not tell the whole story. Here are some comments by Matthew Henry on this passage.

“Who, where, is he now that despised the day of small things, and thought this work would never come to any thing? The Jews themselves despised the foundation of the second temple, because it was likely to be so far inferior to the first. Their enemies despised the wall when it was in the building. In God’s work the day of small things is not to be despised. Though the instruments be weak and unlikely, God often chooses such, by them to bring about great things. As a great mountain becomes a plain before him when he pleases, so a little stone, cut out of a mountain without hands, comes to fill the earth.”

The Fire Bible brings out the importance of the work of the Spirit in finishing God’s work.

“Some thought that the work on the temple was not important. However, nothing that is done with God’s blessing and in the power of his Spirit is ever unimportant; instead, it has eternal value and meaning. We must never think that our lack of ability or resources will cause God’s purposes to fail. From the time of creation and throughout history, God has always done great things by starting with very little.”

Some times people give up and quit not being able to see the forest for the trees. If you are involved in God’s work, stay with it. Touching and changing even one person is huge. Be faithful with the little, sometimes (like the little boy’s lunch) the little is the beginning of something great.


    Keep making me JESUS///HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!
    Good morning Pastor Frank, HALLELUJAH, love you.Have an AWESOME day in our KING OF KINGS… 🙂

  2. I was discouraged when God did NOT HEAL Mr. James Sherwood Adams, but God was FAITHFUL and gave me a dream that encouraged me:

    God blessed me with a Dream that I believe showed me how I DID HELP Mr. James (man I used to work for and take to church in a wheel chair) get JEWELS in HIS CROWN !!!
    Amazing God we serve !!!
    I saw a HUGE OPEN AREA with no walls and me shopping for “clothing” for Mr. James in an area that was only “open wire” – shelves and all was this farm fencing wire. The clothing I selected turned out to be gems and nuggets when placed in my hands. I believe God told me that taking him to church, Healing Room, correcting wrong doctrine he heard and encouraging Certain Preaching and Teaching on TV thru the years (2008 – September 2014) enabled him to LIVE A LIFE that has now been rewarded with gems and jewels in a crown he can give to JESUS !

    I saw him dressed in White driving a carriage and carrying a little red draw string bag (gems for his crown to lay at Jesus’ feet).
    GOD IS SO GOOD !!!

    We do WHAT WE CAN and the Holy Spirit does the rest!

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