Rom. 13:14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.

What a beautiful description of the Christian life. It’s not me being a better me, its putting off my old life and putting on Christ. Its not me at all, this new life is all of Christ. Often times, sermons in our hip, twenty first century world, take on the persona of self improvement. Our self doesn’t need improvement, it needs annihilation!!! Paul tells us to put off the old man and to put on Christ. This is actually what happens when we begin to draw near to Him, abide in Him, and stay full of the Holy Spirit. This is a powerful description of this passage by John Gill.

“As a man puts on his clothes when he rises in the morning: the righteousness of Christ is compared to a garment, it is the best robe, it is fine linen, clean and white, and change of raiment; which being put on by the Father’s gracious act of imputation, covers the sins and deformities of his people, defends them from divine justice, secures them from wrath to come, and renders them beautiful and acceptable in his sight: which righteousness being revealed from faith to faith, is received by faith, and made use of as a proper dress to appear in before God; and may be daily said to be put on by the believer, as often as he makes use of it, and pleads it with God as his justifying righteousness, which should be continually: moreover, to put on Christ, and which indeed seems to be the true sense of the phrase here, is not only to exercise faith on him as the Lord our righteousness, and to make a profession of his name, but to imitate him in the exercise of grace and discharge of duty; to walk as he walked, and as we have him for an example, in love, meekness, patience, humility, and holiness:”

People are often looking for something they can “do” to make things better. Well, here it is. You can put on Christ. How do we do this? By pressing in to God. Pressing in? What is that? Exerting our energy and passion in the pursuit of God in His word, in worship, and in prayer. If you are just starting your day, even better. Put on your best set of clothes this morning. PUT ON CHRIST !!!

2 Replies to “PUT ON CHRIST”

  1. When I grapple with the flesh I make provision for it, yet when I abandon myself to Christ I find rest and joy and those struggles He handles!

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