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He rained down manna upon them to eat and gave them food from heaven. Man did eat the bread of angels; He sent them food in abundance.

One of my favorite pictures is a beautiful painting by Lorraine Gendron of Feed the Multitudes July 1994.
She painted this picture shortly after the event that year and donated it to me. We have a huge print of this painting on display at Victory Fellowship. It is a beautiful impressionist style painting including different features of the event that year. You can see the food lines, the water baptism, the children playing and a flurry of other activities taking place (and of course the ominous storm clouds in the distance). The one thing that stands out in the picture are the angels. Angels flying overhead, angels seated at the the food tables, angels delivering watermelons. Its the angels with watermelons, that always caught my eye. Why would the angels be bringing the watermelons? They weren’t bringing the chicken or the jambalaya or the hamburgers and hot dogs, no, they had the watermelons. Why watermelons?
You see I have a theory about those watermelons (I guess you knew that was coming), I think the melons were spiked. I think especially that year, 1994, they did something to those melons. Why would I think that? Because I know what happened that August. There was a strange angelic visitation in our church that lasted for years. There was an unexplainable, undeniable, unignorable (is that a word?) outpouring of the most contagious joy in our church that I think had something to do with those watermelons. People were experiencing life altering visitations of heavenly joy that was characterized by very unusual, drunken behavior. The side effect of these bouts of joy was changed lives. Many people gave their hearts to Christ, others were called into the ministry, others were sent to the nations. Worship leaders, Beyond the Grave, church plantings, all can be traced back to the after effects of those spiked melons. So here I am, years later, involved in another Feed the Multitudes, staring at the painting of those angels bringing the watermelons. I know the scriptures say that the children of Israel ate angel’s food when they ate the manna, I wonder if there was more to that story. Maybe, just maybe, it was that angel food that kept them alive in the wilderness for all those years. Could it be that they were influenced by that crazy food to make them think they could ever escape from Egypt in the first place. Maybe it was those melons that prepared us in New Orleans for the coming dark days of Katrina. I wonder if the angels did anything this year. If you partake of the melons I am not responsible for what happens, I say they are spiked.


  1. Amen!! Come again Jesus with the angelic visitation, come again with your contagious joy…in Jesus precious name….!!!!!!

  2. Love, love, love!
    Lord, give us supernatural vision today at FTM to see what the natural eye cannot see!

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