Mark 8:24-25 ¶ And he looked up and said, “I see men like trees, walking.” ¶ Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly.

Jesus would often say “you have ears to hear but you can’t hear, you have eyes to see but you can’t see”. Of course He was speaking about spiritual seeing and hearing. Unless a man is born again he can never see the kingdom of God. We are all born deaf, dumb, and blind; we cannot see until we are touched by God. In today’s story, this blind man received a second touch to receive his healing. Even though this is a real story with a real miracle, it also serves as a parable to us. We are blind and deaf, like the disciples our spiritual healing may come in spurts. Here is some interesting insight on the second touch from the Life in the Spirit Commentary.

“For Mark, the story of Jesus is an enacted parable that must be understood on two planes. By placing the story of the twice-touched blind man in exactly this context, he makes clear that the miracle of restored sight is also significant on two planes. Like other miracles in the book it is a kind of enacted parable. This literal blind man represents the blind disciples, who see but do not see, who hear but do not hear. This story is therefore also a literary subplot that mirrors the developments of the major plot: The story intimates that the disciples, too, will have a “second touch,” but only after they have straggled with an incomplete and blurred vision of Jesus.
The next section in Mark will introduce that blurred vision with striking clarity: In response to a direct question—“Who do you say I am?”—Peter will make a true but uncomprehending confession: “You are the Christ.” Mark’s rhetorical strategies involve a subtle shift of identifications. He does not simply tell the reader about the disciples’ failures; he passes judgment. In doing so, he wants the reader to take a position, to share the “enlightened” point of view from which the judgment proceeds.”

Funny thing about spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness, we are not in touch with the seriousness of our condition. We don’t realize that we can’t see and hear until we are healed. When Jesus puts His hand upon us, the light and sounds of God begin to flood our senses. Suddenly, we live in a brand new world. At first, we may seem like we see men like “trees walking”, but after that second touch our perception is clarified.
Maybe that is the problem you are facing today. You are a Christian, Christ has become real to you, but oftentimes it just seems as if you are walking around in a fog. Look to Jesus again. Look to Him like you did the first time. That second touch often brings us into the light of day.

6 Replies to “TWICE TOUCHED”

  1. I thought of several scriptyres. One being when Jesup was asked to “show us the Father”. The other was the young ruler. Both saw Jesup but not who He truly was. I see enough to know I don’t see clearly yet what I see has me desiring clear vision. I now stand at that point of daily making the decision of “am I willing to pay the price” – following Jesus! \o/

  2. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, our vision of Christ is washed back and forth. Becoming clearer each time. Each time I soak in his presence I ‘see’ him clearer, I feel him closer, and the closer he is, the better I ‘hear’ him!’ Can’t imagine ever being without his guidance and his love<3 Iwant more :)!

    I LOVE YOU….

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