2Kings 4:34 Then he went up and lay on the child, putting his mouth on his mouth, his eyes on his eyes, and his hands on his hands. And as he stretched himself upon him, the flesh of the child became warm.

In May of 1995 Parris and I conducted revival meetings at Cathedral of Praise in Manila Philippines. That week of meetings were some of my favorite meetings of all time. The Lord came down that week suddenly, powerfully, and undeniably. The church was filled with glory daytime and nighttime for the entire week. This began a series of daily meetings that continued for months in that church. The incredible characteristic that we all enjoyed was the nearness of God. He was there with us and in us and upon us. The church people called it the “in your face revival”. They felt that God was so near He was up in there faces. I can relate. I can’t remember the messages I preached that week but one of my favorites from that season was the message of Elisha raising the little boy from the dead. Elisha spread his body on top of the dead young boy. His face on the boy’s face, his hands on the boys hands; you get the picture. This story is a beautiful picture of Christ coming to us, stretching His body on top of our lifeless body, and then breathing resurrection life into us. That is revival. I was dead but now I am alive. Here are some observations by A. B. Simpson on this incredible miracle.

“The hand of Gehazi, and even the staff of Elisha, could not heal the lifeless boy. It required the living touch of the prophet’s own divinely quickened flesh to infuse vitality into the cold clay. Lip to lip, hand to hand, heart to heart, he must touch the child before life could thrill his pulseless veins. We must come into personal contact with the risen Savior and have His very life quicken our mortal flesh before we can know the fullness and reality of His healing. This is the most frequent cause of failure. People are often trusting in something that has been done to them, or in something that they have done, or in something that they have believed intellectually. Their spirit, however, has not felt its way to the heart of Christ; they have not drawn His love into their being by the hunger and thirst of love and faith, and so they are not quickened. The greatest need of our souls and bodies is to know Jesus personally, to touch Him constantly, to abide in Him continually. May we this day lay aside all things that could hinder our near approach to Him and walk hand in hand, heart to heart, with Jesus.”

Hand to hand, heart to heart; that is the description of this life we have in Christ. Maybe you feel cold and lifeless today, your problems are bigger than you. Just be still, Christ is here; face to face, heart to heart, His power and life are flowing into you.

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