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Rev. 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lamp-stands: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lamp-stands which you saw are the seven churches.

There seems to be specific times of angelic activity throughout history. There were the angels in Genesis that visited Jacob on his return to the promised land, angels that fed Elijah to strengthen him for his forty day fast, and of course angels were involved on the day that Isaiah was called and the temple trembled under the presence of God. Angels announced the coming of The Lord, ministered to The Lord in the wilderness and at Gethsemane, and were present when He returned to heaven. In Acts, angels rescued Peter from jail, and were involved with Phillip’s ministry to the Ethiopian. An angel was also involved with Peter’s first ministry trip to preach to gentiles at Cornelius’ house. It seems like angels are always involved with critical and changing seasons with the kingdom of God.
I have a picture in my office of Feed the Multitudes in July of 1994. Actually, we have a large version of this painting in the foyer of Victory Fellowship on Airline Highway. The next time you get a chance you should stop and have a careful look, you may see more than you ever imagined. You see this is not just a normal picture of a picnic, this is a prophetic glimpse into a change of seasons we were entering upon as a church.
You can’t miss the angels in this picture. Humans rarely get the opportunity to see angels with our natural eyes, but they are always present in our lives and in our gatherings. I think this picture captures angelic involvement in the beginning of a new season of revival that was about to begin. Within a month of this event we would be swept into a Holy Ghost outpouring that changed my life and our church permanently. We became aware, to a much greater degree, of the supernatural element of our Christian faith.
When I think of times of angelic visitation I think of portals into heaven. Actually, I feel like we have just entered into one of those seasons at Victory Fellowship. Our church has been blessed with an awareness of His presence, but something new has fallen on us for the last several weeks. There have been tumors disappearing, crooked backs made straight, demons cast out, and an incredible sense of peace, expectancy, and joy stirring in our midst. As we celebrate Feed the Multitudes 2013 today, I know those water melon carrying angels will be gathering with us. When these angels spike the water melons with Heaven’s wine, anything is possible. Depression gives way to joy, oppression gives way to freedom, chains of addiction fall off, people trapped in the dark world of immorality step into the light of God’s holiness and purity, and of course sickness gives way to wholeness. Hope you have a great Fourth of July, if you are looking for me I will be hanging out near the watermelons.


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