John 6:51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.”

Today’s verse is part of the Lord’s response to some of His followers who had experienced the miracle of the multiplication of the fish and the loaves just the day before. They reasoned that Moses had fed their fathers for forty years with the manna from heaven. They were challenging Jesus to do it again, feed us again today. The Lord took this opportunity to share with them one of the most profound truths in the Bible. He explained that Moses didn’t supply the manna that His Father in heaven had. He went on to say that they didn’t even understand the miracle of the manna. It was not about food, after all, man does not live by bread alone. He was saying that the manna was a picture of the true bread that came down from heaven which was actually Him. He then shared the most profound of all revelations, that the bread that He would give was His flesh offered as a sacrifice for sins. That is what the miracle of the fish and the loaves was about, it was about salvation for mankind through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. Adam Clarke brings out this truth in these comments on this verse.

“Our Lord explains his meaning more fully, in these words, than he had done before. Having spoken so much of the bread which feeds and nourishes the soul, and preserves from death, the attention of his hearers was fixed upon his words, which to them appeared inexplicable; and they desired to know what their meaning was. He then told them that the bread meant his flesh, (his life,) which he was about to give up; to save the life of the world. Here our Lord plainly declares that his death was to be a vicarious sacrifice and atonement for the sin of the world; and that, as no human life could be preserved unless there was bread (proper nourishment) received, so no soul could be saved but by the merit of his death. Reader, remember this: it is one of the weightiest, and one of the truest and most important sayings in the book of God.”

Feed the Multitudes on the Fourth of July is about more than jambalaya and chicken, it is about more than watermelons and snowballs, it’s even about more than serving people who are needy. Feed the Multitudes is a picture of the Christian life. It is “God so loved the world” being expressed through our actions and our words. It is God’s love for lost sinners seen only in the death of His Son. This was the message Jesus gave to His questioners after they had eaten the bread and the fish, it is the same answer He gives to us today, He is the true bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.

2 Replies to “BREAD AND FISH”

    Good Morning Pastor Frank, have an awesome day in our LORD, with love.

  2. Good Day, Abba Father Please Continue To Provide Your Marvelous Manna From Heaven Through Jesus Christ. This Life Often Seems So Cumbersome To Us Because Of Adjustments And Changes. This Narrow And Sometimes Bumpy Road Of Life, Many Times, Seems Too Weary. Please Continue To Help Us, Lord, To Travel On And To Remain Expectant Of The Abundance You Have For Us. Please Let Us Learn, Jesus, No Matter What, To Remain Content In You, Our Precious Savior, Provider And Almighty God. Please Continue To Teach Us To Fervently Ask, Seek And Knock. Please Lord, Allow Us To Be Continuously Pleasing In Your Sight. It Is Paramount That We Continue And Not Fall Away. Thank You Lord, Please Hear And Answer Our Prayer, Amen.

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