“And it came to pass, when the priests were come out of the holy place, that the cloud filled the house of the LORD, So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of the temple.” I Kings 8:10-11

Yesterday was a time of celebration because Victory just released yet another CD that capsulates our worship before our Lord (you can upload it on iTunes or google). I cannot tell you the times God has spoken to me in worship. I have seen many a heavenly vision that made a direct impact on my life. Taking in all of God becomes a daily or minute by minute exercise.
Martin Smith who was the lead singer in the band of Delirious? recently said this about worship: “I’m rediscovering what happens when I stop and listen. Now I’m remembering how to breathe, and as I do, I’m learning that good is not the same as great. How do we become great? We spend time with Someone who is greater. When all around is moving and shifting and the future is uncertain, there’s no need to panic. If we find Jesus we will be so enthralled, so content that we’ll forget that we’re in transition anyway. If we have Him inside our lives, then the good we worried about will lose its appeal in the light of His face. We have a responsibility not to take ourselves too seriously while at the same time taking this task of leading others in worship very seriously. When we put down our desire to impress God and allow Him to invade our hearts, everything can change. Are we hungry for that? Are we ready for it? Are we brave enough to embrace it? This is a new day, and I can’t wait to see a global movement of history-makers run into the arms of God.”

When we worship there is a natural shift that turns the focus off of ourselves onto the face of God. And that is when the natural slips away from us and the supernatural comes close. In the last few years Courtney Garris (who received Christ in one of our Beyond the Grave productions) has been our worship leader. Lets read what she says about worship.
“Heavenly worship flows out of a revelation of who Jesus is and who we are in Him. It prepares us to enjoy God forever and beckons us toward our eternal home causing us to live in the understanding that we are seated in Heavenly places today. This is the driving force in our worship.” Courtney Garris (Heavenward)

Another band member has been with us since he was born! Home grown Victory boy adds this: “Worship is more than just going to a church and listening to a band and singing along with the words on the screen. Worship needs to be a vital part of our everyday lives that is shown to others through everything that we do.” Josh McDonald on Heavenward.
I pray you will get your hands on our latest Worship project, and “Catch the Song”.


  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We are seated with jesus in heavenly places! Get your copy of heavenward,give it to someone hurting , and let jesus minister to them! Worship our king of kings! ! Have a blessed day in jesus!!!!;)

  2. Seated in heavenly places but very much here. Our dearest Jesus said we would not be taken out of the world (John 17:15)… but when we learn that the weapons of our warfare are the moments when His worship saturates the our atmosphere, everything changes, He said He would inhabit the praises of His people ! Who or what can stand in the Presence of the maker of the universe, the God who is able to heal, breathe life into humans, give into our deepest place His Spirit, and travel time as I AM …..Bravo worship team !

  3. Hallelujah, let us Worship the King in Church as we walk through the day, all days of our life, singing Him Praises and Hymns. Even at home in my yard in the house and all around. Ha, even in the car.:)
    Nothing like Worshipping the King looking in His awesome creation and saying God I love you, thank You for your Son, JESUS and SPIRIT. Teach me more LORD. Last night was awesome.
    Thank You LORD, for our Pastors, Worship leaders, our ushers, Brothers and Sisters/Families, All in All in Your House, Victory Fellowship Church. Love you Pastor Frank and Parris.
    Have an awesome day in our LORD. 🙂

  4. Truly does worshipping God please me! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for having made it possible! Psalm 29:1-11. We as Gods children have many reasons to praise him!

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