Matt. 6:13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

What an incredible ending to an incredible prayer. The Lord incorporates the various aspects of His prayer model in a form of worship. We are being taught to reinforce our petitions by giving thanks to God in worship. We start off by acknowledging His kingdom. This kingdom is a sovereign kingdom being led by our sovereign King. As we abide in Him and He abides in us, we ask what we desire and He answers us. As we return to worship and declare before the Lord, “Yours is the kingdom”, we are acknowledging His sovereignty and are exercising our faith as we worship the Lord. Next we begin to worship as we say, “Yours is the power”. As David said, “power belongs to God”. As we acknowledge and glorify His power, His supernatural power begins to encompass our prayer. Worship becomes supernatural, the power of God is being displayed on earth. We continue as we begin to honor the glory of the Lord. The glory is the manifest presence of God. Often times, our prayer is confirmed by the very presence of the Glory of the Lord. Matthew Henry taught about this portion of the Lord’s prayer. Have a look at his thoughts.

“It is our duty to plead with God in prayer, to fill our mouth with arguments not to move God, but to affect ourselves; to encourage the faith, to excite our fervency, and to evidence both. Now the best pleas in prayer are those that are taken from God himself, and from that which he has made known of himself. We must wrestle with God in his own strength, both as to the nature of our pleas and the urging of them. The plea here has special reference to the first three petitions; “Father in heaven, thy kingdom come, for thine is the kingdom; thy will be done, for thine is the power; hallowed be thy name, for thine is the glory.” And as to our own particular errands, these are encouraging: “Thine is the kingdom; thou hast the government of the world, and the protection of the saints, thy willing subjects in it;” God gives and saves like a king. “Thine is the power, to maintain and support that kingdom, and to make good all thine engagements to thy people.” Thine is the glory, as the end of all that which is given to, and done for, the saints, in answer to their prayers; for their praise waits for him. This is matter of comfort and holy confidence in prayer.”

Have you followed Henry’s advice lately? You know, the part about affecting yourself encouraging your faith, and exciting fervency. This is what prayer is ultimately about. In it, we make contact with our Maker; our heart is enflamed, our soul is purified, and our resolve is strengthened. So today would be a good day to pray the Lord’s prayer again, after all; His is the kingdom, His is the power, and His is the glory. Amen!


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