Matt. 6:13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Worship starts our time of prayer, and worship completes our prayer. I define worship as the act of enjoying God. Worship is spontaneous, it is our response to His greatness. Worship is not something we can do out of obligation but it is the pleasure of an individual that is aware of God’s greatness. This explains the scene in heaven we see in the book of Revelation. In heaven, the angels, the seraphim, the elders, and the redeemed are all seen caught up in an ecstatic state of worship. In this world, we see through a glass darkly. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our lives gives us a foretaste of the atmosphere of heaven. In this atmosphere our vision is clarified. When we see Him we have no other course that can be taken, worship becomes the only response. It is our response to His greatness. Check out Matthew Henry’s comments on this verse.

Matthew Henry
“The best pleading with God is praising of him; it is the way to obtain further mercy, as it qualifies us to receive it. In all our addresses to God, it is fit that praise should have a considerable share, for praise becomes the saints; they are to be our God for a name and for a praise. It is just and equal; we praise God, and give him glory, not because he needs it–he is praised by a world of angels, but because he deserves it; and it is our duty to give him glory, in compliance with his design in revealing himself to us. Praise is the work and happiness of heaven; and all that would go to heaven hereafter, must begin their heaven now. Observe, how full this doxology is, the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, it is all thine. Note, it becomes us to be copious in praising God. A true saint never thinks he can speak honorably enough of God: here there should be a gracious fluency, and this for ever. Ascribing glory to God for ever, intimates an acknowledgement, that it is eternally due, and an earnest desire to be eternally doing it, with angels and saints above.”

Once you taste the glory of God in the experience of worship you become hopelessly addicted. You actually become addicted to His love. Before we were aware of God’s majesty, we could sing songs about the Lord. Our musicians could be the best professionals, the choir could have the most talented singers, the worship leader could be unparalleled; and still the songs ring hollow without the sense of God’s presence. This “excellence of ministry” characterized by hollowness can never satisfy our hungry hearts. As Henry said, “praise is the work and happiness of heaven”. Once we become a worshipper, worship becomes our very food. As a glutton delights in his pursuit of pleasure in his feasting, a worshiper also has an insatiable desire for pleasure found only in the worship of our God.


  1. we have seen amazing moves of god because of worship, we saw a dead church come alive and lives change for his glory! we prayed a few of us that the lord would intervene He showed us to get down and worship only a few is all iyt took the lord brought more Spirit filled people in, the pastor quit and others left now you have to stand if you get there late we dont have seats left! people want the living God not dead dried up religion many came to help some assembly of God some from church of God some Sp[irit filled Babtists all different kinds that love the Lord all this is happening in a southern Babtist church! people are getting changed out of religion dogma and looking to what the Lord wants, three mounts ago it was a dead place, a few started worshipping him this all came out of worship! We are seeing real unity no more commitys but now people praying for the Lords leading a total new way for most that were big into decideing for themselves we also see a vision happening there for the lost and equiping the people with his word a real hunger for more all attribited to a few getting down and worshipping! ________________________________

  2. Worship can be the door to unparalleled intimacy with God.I say can be, only because when its only a singing performance, there is no real connection, but when you worship boldly and uninhibited and undistracted, you will arrive at a place that you don’t want to leave, because its just that special. Oh yea

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