Epaggelia or Words of Promise

Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

Rom.4:20 “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith giving glory to God”

The word promise in the New Testament is epaggelia which means an announcement, pledge, divine assurance. When situations come our way we better grab onto the promises of God given to us in our life. There are over 3500 of them for us to stand on.
Most of us have to learn how to stagger not at his promises or in other words to “be endued with faith”. Barclay says, “God promises eternal life or life in time and life in eternity. Eternal life is not simply life which goes on for ever. Eternal life is something which can start here and now. Eternal life is the injection into the realm of time of something of the realm of eternity; it is the coming into human life of something of the life of God himself. It is the the promise of God that if a man chooses to live life with Jesus Christ, heaven begins on earth.”
Have you been injected lately concerning His promises or His pledge of divine assurance? It’s what gives us peace in the night seasons of our life. The promises of God are founded on grace and not on law. His promises are not based on our merit or earnings but solely on his generosity. His love for me makes Him fulfill his promises! Therefore I should take the promises of God and appropriate them by faith!
“That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises”. Heb. 6:12
John Gill says, ” A promise looks to the future. Its design and tendency is to excite trust and confidence in him who makes it. All the promises of God have this design and tendency; and consequently, as God has given many promises, the object is to call forth the lively and constant faith of people, all going to show that in the divine estimation, faith is of inestimable value. he is a promising God, and is known to be so by his people; he is eminently and emphatically the Promiser; and all other promisers, and the promises made by them, signify little; but the promises of God are exceeding great and precious, very ancient, free, and unconditional, irrevocable and immutable, and are admirably suited to the cases of his people, and will be fulfilled everyone of them: they include in them things temporal, spiritual, and eternal; things temporal, as that his people shall not want, that their afflictions shall work for good, and that he will support them under all their troubles.”
We must bathe ourselves in His word, eat his promises like our life depended on it cause it does. We stand absolutely naked and helpless in this anti-Christ world without them. He promises us the Holy Spirit, promises rest, a Kingdom to those who love Him and His soon return just to name a few. I pray you have reached out and have been injected with a few yourself!

2 Replies to “WORDS OF PROMISE”

  1. right on! We have been so blessed lately, seeing gods word accomplish much, we are learning some good stuff on beleiving it in spite of what we think may be happening or not happening, walk in it no matter what, get out of Gods way and let him move and He is moving! We started praying for more to come to the Lord beleiving this would happen, we went from 40 beleivers to over 200 in just a very short time, the lord dealt with all of us as a body on beleiving him and staying out of his way but moving with the spirit and not lagging behind and allowing him to change what he wanted in our lives and in the Body here, We arenot hung up on numbers but praise gGod for them. now we are amazed with being able to minister to all these people they are c oming in from all over, we were lead to teach every thing Jesus taught keep it simple not just give them a church thing but minister life Jesus the way the truth and the life and the lord will set you free, The sermon on the mount and other teachings we prayed for the fulness of the hHoly sssSpirit before every teaching and went as far as praying ov er every empty seat in the fellowship when we werent having meetings God is doing all this none of us by anything we could have done would have acomplished something like this happening and this is happening with mostly Babtists many want the bbBabtism of the Holy Spirit! many coming forward to receive Jesus as Lord, we are right now just amazed seeing God do this it took the Body to learn to Beleive God could do this, start beleiving for victory and clainming His word and promises in our lives and allowing the Lord to deal with us all individually and as a group with it in our hearts this isnt ab out us our ministry or anyt5hing else its all about him, before we started growing in this area n othing was happening like what is going on now.

  2. If it weren’t for his promises I don’t know where I would be!I count on them to make it through the day. To have Hope for tomorrow, and Peace to carry on!Year after year as I follow, restoration and moving on from glory to glory has come as promised from God. In ‘valley’ days promises hover over me as I look up and remember that ALL God’s promises are indeed Yes and Amen! Faith stirs up as we read and receive the word alive in and around us.What more can we want than the true lover with promises as we are kept for his glory by Him.

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