Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“There came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured it on his head.” Mark 14:3

What a beautiful picture of Christ being poured out! I have thought a lot about Mary breaking open her alabaster box of precious spikenard that cost about a year wage (Which could be about $40,000). It was a precious gift, an extravagant gift of intimacy. Little did she realize that she was indeed acting out “Jesus being the sacrificial lamb” for mankind. “Because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.” (Song of Solomon 1:3) Jesus became the alabaster box sending out this beautiful heavenly fragrance to all of us. The whole earth will one day be sweet with the praise of Jesus. “This alabaster box of Christ’s sweetness has too much fragrance in it for the church to keep it all to itself; the sweetness of our Lord’s person will rise above the stars, and perfume worlds unknown for it will fill heaven itself. Eternity shall be occupied with declaring the praises of Jesus.” (Spurgeon) Yes, He is altogether lovely! Jesus was anointed three times representing his office as Prophet, Priest and King. His body was given for you and me. His mind, his intellect, his heart, and his imagination he gave up all for us. His alabaster box which is his body was broken, and the spikenard, his soul was poured like out like divine perfume upon the “head of divine humanity”. (Spurgeon) He emptied himself becoming the great sacrifice for mankind. His odor spreads throughout mankind beckoning us to give vent to His smell or forever be repelled by it. Judas, when the alabaster box broke open that day by Mary, must have smelled of it when he went to the high priests bargaining Jesus betrayal. Can’t you hear the priest asking “what is that smell” and Judas filled with rage all over again but happy that he was getting money this go around. I can picture the disciples that day walking out of that room smelling such a pungent smell that probably lasted for days ever reminding them of Mary’s sacrifice. Such a precious act, such a holy act that the Father broke open His alabaster box, His most prized possession, to pour the sweet fragrance upon the world. How many Judas do we have that run out of the place so wishing we never smelled that smell. Or maybe your the disciple that don’t quite grasp the moment and try to dismiss this woman of the street. May His fragrance splash upon us and never be the same. “BREAK US OPEN O LORD, BREAK US OPEN O LORD”

3 Replies to “PUNGENT”

  1. We can enter into his presence andbe a good smell to him, and to those that dont beleive yet, even unlearned men did this and those around acknowledged that they had been with Jesus, the Lord was seen abideing in their lives, these beleivers had come to live in His presence, they had a real love of the Lord that could not be taken from them.

  2. Loving those people that many church folk and the world hate! People hooked on drugs,alcohol,gambling,prostitution,strippers at gentleman clubs,former convicts,and etc. Luke 18:10-14. Matthew 10:32-40. Mark 14-20. Gods presence is even more divine when he just all of a sudden falls upon one! Yes! Oh yes! God bless you my fellow saints!

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