Mark 14:3 ¶ And being in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper, as He sat at the table, a woman came having an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard. Then she broke the flask and poured it on His head.

This whole story is filled with spiritual imagery. From the pouring out of the oil, the washing of the feet with hair, and the breaking of the alabaster box, spiritual truth pours out of this amazing event. The alabaster box itself is a picture of spiritual truth. The alabaster is white in color and represents the purity of life and heart of the Christian. Mary pictures the new testament worshiper caught up in spiritual ecstasy. Jonathan Edwards spoke about how this story pictures the purity that comes to us by faith in the blood of Jesus as well as the purity of our life from the effect of the Spirit on our life. Here is an excerpt from his sermon on Mary’s anointing of Jesus.

“Mary, at the same time that she poured forth precious ointment out of an alabaster box, poured forth divine love towards Christ out of a pure heart. I have observed before that alabaster was a substance remarkable, even to a proverb, for its extreme whiteness and purity. So the saints are spoken of in Scripture as those that are pure in heart. Mary was such an one; she was a true saint, an Israelite indeed in whom was no guile, and was an eminent saint. All the saints, with respect to the guilt of sin, are already perfectly pure; they are perfectly washed from all guilt in the blood of Christ. And as to sincerity, they have pure hearts. In conversion God creates in men a clean heart, and renews in them a right spirit. And when the work of sanctification that is begun in them is finished, then their hearts shall be as clean and pure as alabaster, perfectly free from all stain of sin, and shall be presented to Christ without spot or {blemish}. Thus it is out of a pure heart that the saints do pour forth the exercises of divine love towards Jesus Christ.”

As Jesus taught, God is seeking worshipers who will worship in Spirit and truth. He found this worship in Mary. Worship was pouring out of her in undeniable and un-ignorable displays of worship. She was not worshiping so others could see but at the same time she was unashamed and unafraid not concerned about others opinions or criticisms. She was consumed with joy delighting in the revelation flowing from Christ. She had glimpsed the power of the cross and the blessing of forgiveness of sins. The influence of the anointing flowing out from the Lord had been changing her heart and life. This alabaster box pictured the purity flowing out from Mary. The broken box was shadowing her broken heart. Her heart had been shattered by Christ’s love and forgiveness and what else could she do? This is what Mary was born for, this is what all of us are born for to worship God with broken hearts, broken and purified by the Holy Spirit.

4 Replies to “THE ALABASTER BOX”

  1. This is so great! Its his will that we are like this, then we will see The power of the Holy sSpirit move in some amazing wonderful ways that will glorify God. A lot can be done it takes a willing desireing teachable heart knit in Love for the Lord, a surrenderd life seeking his will in all, seeking to please him, if we love him we are obedient He has a life for whosoev er is willing, nothing can come close to what He has for those that are His, I really love what happened here And I pray that we all can be like Mary, the love and spirit she had!

  2. Amen!! Praise the Lord!! Praise the Lord!! Worthly !! Worthly is the Lord !! Worthly to recieve all honor and all glory!! Jesus!!!:)

  3. Scripture states that we the church are lights shining out in the darkness! That would mean we are the only light in the world! Wow! For we are all baptized in the name of the Father,Son,and Holy Ghost! He abides in us and we in him! Psalm 119:161. Psalm 34:18. Psalm 112:7. Matthew 12:35. Gods Word is so awesome friends! Don’t you just love Gods retirement plan! There is no golden parachute retirement like Gods!

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