I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.John 15:5

Recently, I read a devotion by Martin Luther on this passage from John. It’s amazing to me, as much as our world has changed, nothing has really changed. You may not be plowing a field by hand or loading a wagon with manure but we all still deal with the same issues that Luther’s congregation dealt with 500 years ago when Luther was alive. Enjoy this quote from Luther’s devotion on extraordinary fruit.

“False Christians cannot understand what Jesus is saying in this passage. They wonder, “What kind of Christians are these people? They can’t do anything more than eat and drink, work in their homes, take care of their children, and push a plow. We can do all that and better.” False Christians want to do something different and special—something above the everyday activities of an ordinary person. They want to join a convent, lie on the ground, wear sackcloth garments, and pray day and night. They believe these works are Christian fruit and produce a holy life. Accordingly, they believe that raising children, doing housework, and performing other ordinary chores aren’t part of a holy life. For false Christians look on external appearances and don’t consider the source of their works—whether or not they grow out of the vine.”

Luther spoke from experience. He had been an Augustinian monk and had searched for the Lord in many of these so called spiritual exercises. All they brought him was emptiness, frustration, and disillusionment. That all changed for him when discovered the source of all life. His eyes were opened when he read “the just shall live by faith”. In an instant he saw it and in an instant everything changed. It wasn’t his works that justified him before God, it was the works of Christ Himself. Righteousness was not something we do but something we receive as a gift by faith.
How does that relate to bearing fruit? Are we supposed to do nothing because we have been declared righteous? Of course not! Christ lives in us now and all our work can become the fruit of Christ working in us. Our daily job can take on a spiritual quality. We are doing our work as unto the Lord. We may be loading a truck, working at a computer, making sales in a retail store, or maybe even shoveling some kind of manure. As a Christian all of our work is extraordinary. We are doing our work as unto the Lord. He is in us and expressing Himself in our daily activities. So we don’t have to wait for the next retreat, conference, or ministry trip to become spiritual. We are walking with Him daily. He is in us. As we abide in Him and He abides in us we bare much fruit. This is the place where God is glorified and we are satisfied. This is an extraordinary life bearing extraordinary fruit.


  1. Im thankful we are under the law of love by grace, no way can anyone pay back the lord. It is a gift but so many cannot understand this, religion has taught too many that if we do something a certain way pray enough or do many good deeds then we are right with God, it leaves out Christs sacrifice and purchaseing all that except and live for him and love him. we can do nothing without him in our very being, all the fruits that are his will flow from him not us on our own, His way the truth and the light sets us free from any and all bondages religion being the biggie. Im sure glad that He doesnt give us all what we really deserve! im amazed at his forgiveness, grace and love He has for us. when we all stand before God and we will, It wont be for anything we did , it will be for beleiving in our Lord and the price He paid and that we had Him in our lives all the works will be tried in fire and those not done out of a pure heart will burn, the manmade laws will cookup nicely, or any wrong motives outside of love and the Lord, or lack of love to others, our lives should be desireing Him in all, His peace passes all understanding and He loves us.

  2. Yes,yes and we must bear much fruit. It comes with the territory of being extraordinary,multyplying the gifts that are bestowed upon us!Extra grace the flow through situations that seem impossible to get through. Extra peace, as not to fly off the handle when disturbed with a not so positive asmosphere. Extra knowledge of knowing that we are Alien to this world and we are indeed just passinf through! The list of EXTRAS are infinite!What a packaged deal to have an unpackaged gift of Being Extraordinary<3, never to be figured out, but to be sought out, because of a 'peculiar' difference~

  3. We serve God in various ways. The world doesn’t notice because its not continuously. That seems to apply to the majority of us! I might witness Jesus Christ on Facebook one day. Then two days later at a bus stop. A week will go by then maybe at a coffee while chatting with a stranger. Then we are witnessing Jesus Christ through our tithes and offerings as well. Not to mention bible study groups,prayer services,cookouts,,giveaways,witnessing Jesus Christ on the street,and etc..

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