Heb. 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

There is a dullness, and emptiness, or even a cluelessness among the lost. They are like zombies, dead men walking with no perception or awareness of spiritual reality. Of course they never would ever see themselves in that light because they can’t, their eyes are blind, they walk in spiritual darkness. The lost may go to church, have a spiritual belief system, and may even go to church. The pharisees did all of those things but Jesus told them they were blind. ” And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:
“Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
And seeing you will see and not perceive;”
This was a constant theme in the preaching of Jesus, He would often say, “You have eyes to see but you cannot see”. Just as those born physically blind need a miracle to see, all of us are born spiritually blind and it is impossible to see until the Lord opens our eyes. Faith is the ability to perceive and experience the spiritual world. Faith is a gift from God. It is impossible for the lost to exercise faith, they are blind, they cannot see. Faith is awakened in our soul by the touch of God. Martin Luther also spoke about this spiritual perception, check out his thoughts on faith.

“Faith changes people. It makes them see everything in a new light. Their ears hear, their eyes see, and their hearts feel something completely different from what everyone else perceives. Faith is living and powerful. It’s not a simpleminded idea. It doesn’t float around in the heart like a goose on the water. Rather, it’s like water that’s been heated. After heating, the water is different. It’s still water, but it’s warm. The same thing happens when the Holy Spirit gives us faith. Faith transforms the mind and attitudes. It creates an entirely new person. Faith is active, profound, and powerful. If people were to describe faith correctly, they would say it’s a process, not a result. In other words, faith changes the heart and mind.”

When I was a lost teen ager, I went to the drive in movie and saw a film about zombies called “The Night of the Living Dead”. It was quite a disturbing film but not nearly as disturbing as what is going on all-around us every day. In the movie, the zombies were wandering around destroying people. They were apparently alive, they were walking around, but in reality they were dead. That is exactly what the lost are like. They appear to be alive, they are walking around, but there is something grossly wrong with them. Everywhere they go they seem to leave a path of destruction. Sound familiar, it should, that describes all of our lives before faith came. We were dead in our trespasses and in our sins until Christ came and breathed His life into us, our eyes were opened, our ears began to hear and our heart began to feel. So if you somehow feel like one of these dead men walking be encouraged, I’ve heard that Jesus is awakening the lost from that zombie-like state.

4 Replies to “ZOMBIES”

  1. I can look back and remember the times I had no hope spiritually, always wondering what it was all about. Thinking maybe this or that. Why are we here? Lost in m y own w2ay of thinking, Im sure glad the lord showed me Him. Totally nothing I would ever expeect or could ever understand on my own thinking or any concepts I may have had. Totally contrarry to anything I had ever known. When we ask the lord to take over and he does in much patience and love, He works us over into what he wants in our lives, Ive found He is our savior, friend, and our Lord, im glad He keeps dealing with his children and will not let us get so far out there but keeps us somehow. Its supernatural much of this, I know if I go to Him on anything He is right there, so many times ive needed an swers or a touch in his love and ive never been turned down! I know some very educated people that cant see this, They cant comprehend anything but a little child can ;they beleive ,I want to be childlike when it comes to my faith in Him but be a man also, unbeleif will hinder anyone I was reading when Jesus comes back will he find Faith? im so glad He knows those that are his.

  2. The word of God awakens us!Hearing/reading it adds more fire to the flame that burns within us.Declaring/sharing it adds more fire to the world! Spread the word-spread the flame =Love for the Lost<3!

  3. As a young believer I had a rather vivid dream. I was in a Cemetery (Odd Fellow’s Rest) where my younger brother was buried. I was looking everywhere and I was more than a little disturbed I could not find his grave. Suddenly I came across an open tomb and there was all manner of garbage scattered around it . Venturing in I saw evidence of people living in that tomb and as I walked farther in the roof opened up and I saw the sky again. I remember hearing a loud voice proclaim “these people are living in death”. At that I woke up and I must say I have never looked at a lost person the same way since.

  4. I thank God that my days as a slave to sin are no more! We as christians have been given power to become sons of God! Thank you Jesus Christ for your sacrifice on the cross of calvary! In your name my Lord Jesus Christ are we given power to become joint heirs in Christ! God bless you my fellow saints!

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