Psa. 36:8 They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,
And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

Have another drink! We live in a drinking culture. I am not talking about just any beverage, you know, I am talking about the intoxicating kind. People drink with their meals, they drink with their friends, they drink while watching football, they drink after a hard day just to cope, and of course there is the social drink to just “break the ice”. Some drink when they wake up and some drink to go to sleep. Some drink to forget and some drink to mark the occasion (I’ll drink to that). Yeah, you can’t get away from it, if your not a drinker you are considered just weird. I know, I am one of those tee-totalers. Even many preachers think that’s weird. I don’t drink because I think that it will condemn me if I do, I have just found another beverage, another intoxicating beverage, and you can’t drink both, it just doesn’t work. If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me make it really clear. There is a spiritual drink, Jesus called it new wine or living water. This drink is far more intoxicating than any alcoholic beverage you could ever drink. It is available for “whosoever will”. You can drink it to start your day or end your day. You can drink it to celebrate in good times or to cope in the bad time. It is the greatest beverage to drink with friends, or to help you love your enemies. It is intoxicating and enlightening at the same time. Here is what George Swinnock said about it.

“Here is fatness in the abstract, a river of pleasure; and so much as that they who enjoy is shall be satisfied, and abundantly satisfied. A river is overflowing and ever flowing; it communicates its water, and yet is never empty. It is fed with springs and fountains, and therefore it is no wonder if it always be full. They that are at such a well need not complain of want; but here are not only rivers and fatness, but of God’s people it is said, they shall be abundantly satisfied. In the original it is inebriated. They shall have not only a sufficiency, but a redundancy of spiritual delights.”

I love that old English, “They shall have not only a sufficiency, but a redundancy of spiritual delights”. This drink never runs out and it is never disappointing. It doesn’t tear up families, it restores them. This drink doesn’t poison the body, it brings healing to every part of us. This spiritual drink doesn’t cloud our mind and destroy our abilities, it actually sharpens us and releases incredible creativity. We don’t have to drink in moderation, the more we drink the better. There are no limits, we can be satisfied (intoxicated in the hebrew) drinking in great gulps of His glory. So I think I’ll have another drink, it can’t hurt, it will definitely help.


  1. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and drink of that not beer wine whisky, when it comes to God we need to drink lots and often! Drinking use to get me in trouble, it was fun so I thought, it made me sick the next day sometimes Id wake up all beat up wondering what happened and found out I was in a knock down drag out fight down at the saloon. where alot of us punched it out, fearing the sherifs department would be by to visit, all kinds of stuff happens aeound the wrong spirits, they dont call booze spirits just for fun it opens up for the bad influences, the Holy Spirit is all we need like pastor Frank says look at the blessed things it produces in our lives!

  2. From alcohol and drugs to freedom in a day- that was my testimony. From abusing every available substance to simply not wanting them anymore- that is what happened the night Jesus became real in my life. I did not try to change that, nor did I seek it out, but when I saw the beauty and goodness of Christ I simply had no desire for those things anymore- Hallelujah!
    That is great deliverance (decades ago now) from a great God and I would not even think of going back- all I really want is more of Him.

  3. Sometimes God speaks to me through an aroma,while speaking in tongues,while singing in tongues,while reading his word,while praising him with understanding,by drawing people to me that they might hear about Jesus,while emailing people,texting them,through prayer,and etc.1Corinthians 10:21. Proverbs 5:15-16. God bless you’ll!

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