Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” 2 Cor.10:5

We have all had it happen, someone sends us a link from their email and you click onto it and you see horrible images. Somebody posts nasty stuff on your Facebook wall that you just befriended. Worst of all is when you have been hacked. Suddenly you become the nasty fellow sending images to other people (so everyone thinks). The other day at Marysong while sharing with the girls I begin to realize that we have allowed our MINDS TO BE HACKED for years. We allow whatever garbage to come in and take up residence there. Your mind starts surfing the sites you visit showing images of past loves, the day your mama beat you with a stick or when your sibling made you drink peewater. Whatever the case, it leaves us exhausted, entertained or way too excited. We allow our minds to be hacked by whatever is out there, making it pretty easy for outside influences to gain access.
Like the I-10 interstate which took years to build, so our mind is filled with interstates of much traveled roads of thoughts, emotion and nasty memories. Oftentimes I find myself on I-10 when I should have taken Earhart Expressway so it is with our thoughts, once we allow our minds freedom, it begins to wreck havoc. The scripture says “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Is. 26:3 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” Rom. 12:2 We must give up our own understanding, and renounce the wisdom of the flesh, and present our minds to Christ empty that he may fill them! Our human mind must be restrained and bridled, that it may not be wise, apart from the doctrine of Christ. ” All the plans of life should be controlled by the will of Christ, and formed and executed under his control – as captives are led by a conqueror. All the emotions and feelings of the heart should be controlled by him, and led by him as a captive is led by a victor. The sense is, that it was the aim and purpose of Paul to accomplish this, and that it would certainly be done. The strongholds of philosophy, paganism, and sin should be demolished, and all the opinions, plans, and purposes of the world should become subject to Christ.” (Poole)
As we take our thoughts captive lets build new interstates of thinking. Let’s meditate on His being, His character, His mercy, His loving-kindness; and of the nature of His ways in grace. I’m tired of being hacked by thoughts of the past and present. Let us have a clear channel for the Holy Spirit to flow through, in our minds, in our body and in our spirits!

7 Replies to “YOU’VE BEEN HACKED”

  1. Amen. It is sometimes hard to fathom how many ways our minds are constantly bombarded with the corruption of this lost world, it’s images, it’s lies and etc. We would all do well to remember this admonition:
    Eph 4:23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;

    Literally we are to be renewed in the very life force or spirit of our mind. Thank God for His beautiful Holy Spirit and the richness of His Word. Being in tune with, walking in union and communion with the Holy Spirit we are to literally have (or manifest) the mind of Christ.
    If our spirit is filled with His Spirit, if we live in His Word (breathed on by the Holy Ghost) our minds will think like Him and our body will follow: This is walking out our sanctification which can only be done in the power of His Holy Spirit.

  2. I find this very thing in my own life, I get hit with old tapes in my mind of what i should of did didnt do all kinds of stuff that cant change athing all in the past, then guilt comes in if I think on all this stuff or fear and garbage, I remember Jesus died so I can be set free right now! He saved me from sin and death and also saved me from garbage that trys to take ahold of my inter being, we catch it better when it starts to happen because we get tired of being taken by it, I know Im tired of it doing its best to take away our peace and joy, we dont have it when we fall prey to this and we arnt there for our loved ones as we need to be, Ive fallen victem to this at times and found if we dwell on this and dont ask the lord for help it can become a vicius circle it builds, I pray now to spot it before it can take root and grow saten dont play fair he is out to rip us off! our old nature also wants a peice of us all the time it is so much better staying tight with the Lord and in constant fellowship with him and ask Him to help us do that, Ive found this works in my life, its very easy ive done it by getting so busy not praying because I have to get going early or in a very big hurry not stopping and asking the Lord for his thoughts or heart in what we are doing we leave ourselves open to get nailed! I know I got saten my flesh and other stuff that will try to mess me up and so I need to have the Lord help me in all this so I can be in his will and bring glory to him not shame.

  3. I have to say, when i get hacked by different roads of life for instance this pass month my wife Linda’s sister Vicky went on vacation to Florida and took her grandson with them, Kade which was two years old and a few more kids,the mother which is Lindsey of the child did not go to Florida with them because there was not enough room.They were staying at a hotel and decided to go swimming that night with the friends they met up there with. There was eight of them in the pool and Kade got tired of swimming and got out of the pool and took his arm floaties off and the other adults they stayed swimming and the next thing you know Kade was found in the bottom of the pool. They didn’t know how long he was down there under the water but they said his face was blue. Called an ambulance Got him out. They rushed him to the hospital and was in ICU for a while until he passed away. His heart stopped beating. They shipped him back to Louisiana for burial it was the worst funeral i have ever seen or been to. People mad at each other blaming each other. As I sat back and prayed and observed I was just so heart broken for both the families. It was a mess. Everyone always wants to blame the LORD when something like this happens but if they were doing the right thing to begin with this would have never happened. (Watching Kade) now my wifes whole side of the family is hurting and mad and confused and asking why did this happen he was only two years old. But I have been praying for all of them, and asking the Lord for mercy and asking the Spirit to keep me strong. My wife was going to Church but now she has fell out because of this incident. It will all be ok, I know that because Of my Father above. Thank you Holy Spirit for keeping me strong. Sometimes the roads we have to face are tough, we have to stay strong and be there with the Character of Christ upon our lives to love and touch the people who are hurting and show them who can help them. Praise you Father, in the name of Jesus. With love always be aware of the precious small ones God gives us to have and to love and enjoy in our lives. When they want something do it because you never know when the time if your life will be. Don’t turn them away…. Have a great day in the Lord..

  4. Amazing word Parris.

    Between this message and my pastor’s sermon message yesterday, and a promise word spoken to me, along with the men’s morning devotional phone call I participate in, I am amazed at the way God’s Kingdom extends itself into my life through so many rivers, or channels if you will.

    Let Kingdom Thinking prevail. Let the Kingdom of God extend itself into our lives, and let us not take credit for it extending outward to touch the lives of others.

    Finally, the promise in God’s word that someone gave to me as a promise for me.

    Isaiah 43:18-19
    18 “ Do not call to mind the former things,
    Or ponder things of the past.
    19 “Behold, I will do something new,
    Now it will spring forth;
    Will you not be aware of it?
    I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
    Rivers in the desert.

    Let the past go, stop waiting around for people to pay you what they owe you, for that debt is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what we would owe our Father had He not paid our debt with His Son Jesus’ life. If you want that apology, then the new thing will not begin. If you want someone to admit they wronged you, then the Rivers in the Desert will never form. If you forgive as you have been forgiven, then hang on for the windows of heaven are going to pour out blessings that you cannot contain.

    Thank you for this wonderful cap off to an incredible weekend of the Kingdom of God pouring into my spirit, and even starting the week out today with more.

    Peace, grace, and kindness,


  5. God has given me a burning desire to pray for the lost souls! Also a deep moving desire to pray for believers in Jesus Christ! Because once you come to love and make an effort to do what God says you’ll be attacked by satan! Truthfully everything ever made or created outside the garden of Eden by man was not needed! God would have provided for our every need! Good evening my fellow soldiersin Jesus Christ!

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