The Dissolution of the Soviet Union!
(A Happy Memory)
Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“The people which sat in darkness saw a great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.” Matt.1:16

We all watched with astonishment on TV in the early 90’s when we saw the German people tearing down the wall that that separated their country and saw communism begin to fall throughout Soviet Union. What took years with man, God broke with His mighty hand in a moment. Within the next few years, we made three trips into Soviet Russia and the Ukraine that made an impact in my life.
One of our trips to the Ukraine involved flying into Moscow and jumping straight on a train for 2 days. (You heard me right) We were to travel to a small town called Khilminski. One could imagine how we all looked after three days of no showering and not eating a decent meal but actually we fit right in with everyone around us.
The hunger these people had for Christ immediately overwhelmed you. We brought hundreds of Bibles to pass out, held outside open air gatherings with a small sound system and church meetings at night. Everywhere we went it was so easy to get a crowd! Because their infrastructure was weakened, the stores were empty of food. Even clothing and other necessities were just not available so really our team became the main attraction in every city we went to. Frank and I were amazed how that for years during the cold war, our country was in fear of this nation destroying us but around us we saw people suffering under a bondage that not only stripped them of the physical things but created a spiritual starvation. I remember as a little girl having “bomb drills” at school where we all would line up in the hallways putting our head between our legs. But God had us right smack in the midst of a mighty outpouring. For the first time since the 1940’s the gospel could be preached from the rooftops no less in the mighty Soviet Union.
On one of the trips we were able to have a crusade in a large field. We all had drawn very close to the few converts and the small church there in the city. As we all began to worship a strong wind begin to blow through that place. It was definitely the Holy Spirit doing something amazing with the people. Little did we realize that very same wind would visit us back in Nola just a few years later. It’s amazing once you feel His touch, you know it the rest of your life. One girl comes to my mind, while I was preaching out in the open square on Mary Magdalene, she stepped up to me crying, saying she was tired of the street life and wanted this Jesus. She eventually came to the states and was given a chance to have a new life.
Take what you have been given you pass it on, you just never know, you just might be right smack in a tremendous move of God.


  1. My wife was in Berlin and watched and patisapated in tearing down the wall, it was a jubulent event! people wept with joy she told me it was unbeleiveable, freedom for the people after being booged down for many years on how they had to live for the state and how they were suppost to think and how they needed to beleive where they could go where they worked, I wasnt there with her but hearing about this makes me realise the lord set us freeier than at this great happening, and it was a very great thing I was joyful seeing this on the news.

  2. It’s funny in away to me, I laugh at the wickedness at times cause spiritually seeing things and a humane nature of sinfull desires and leaderships pulsating. But just but the trials I’ve been facing and the worldly corruption I laugh at. The last service on a point of no return its just funny. God appoints authority brings them down and its all His handiwork. I’m giggling cause the day when God pours His flesh in all people will happen. Life to me is a workout enduring to the end. There’s a crown waiting for some and there’s a first pitt of hell for others. The harvest is plentiful the workers are few. There’s more people then we can imagine that want to hear about God and its our responsibility to educate ourselves to pour out to others. The worlds thirsty and they just need to be more thirsty. I don’t wanna bring politics into a religious conversation but I have a political self denying question. Do we vote for what pleases us in a president but would we vote for the worst canadite that will destroy us as a nation and people will turn to God cause there hopeless and seaking pleasure. They’ll find it the hard way I see it plain as day. While the wicked plots the harvest is growing. The worlds lost in need of workers. The worlds hungry for christ the workers are few but being raised up. I’m gonna vote for for the canadite that I feel will lead us to a controlling goverment that will backfire. Joel 2: 27-28 will be accomplished. God doesn’t speak in vain. Just speed the paste up and vote for what the Lords planning not us. Russia oh Russia. My brothers dating a girl who’s from Russia , she wittnessed her parents being decapitated at ayoung age , was left for a week and days by herself at a young age alone. She suffers depression , suicidal thoughts , and isn’t in a good space. She’s very hard to talk to being , why would God do this, is her statement. We are enduring , some more then others, but she’s searching. She was adopted and cake into our family, she’s a starving soul searching for pleasure. Christians have the answer being a vessel for christ. I laugh and laugh cause this generation will not pass. We will see God. I hope the USA withers in pieces. It’s endurance with a crown waiting. I pray one day I would be tested and beaten. I’ll destroy someone else’s faith with mine. Paul wrote books , David wrote psalms , the book of Job. Lifes tuff cry out to God.

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