The day at the kitchen sink!

Merry Friday by Parris Bailey

“And who knows whether thou art not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 3:14

Overwhelmed didn’t begin to express my feelings. I was around 26 years old and had at that time my 3 boys. Our church was exploding so Frank was pretty busy and I was a stay at home mom during the week, and taught children’s church on Sundays. Calm, cool, and collected unfortunately wouldn’t have described me. Insecurity, fear and yes even fighting thoughts of suicide while trying to pastor our growing church all made for a lethal combination. If I could just get out of my head! Thank God I did have a foundation in studying the word of God and prayer, little did I know that day at the sink would change my life. I found myself washing the dishes and hearing the kids playing in the background where my thoughts drifted once again into hopelessness, I was tired of these horrible thoughts and that’s when God begin to address my situation. It was if I heard him say, “HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO ALLOW THESE THOUGHTS TO CONTROL YOU?” Flashbacks as a child begin to run through my mind, and I heard, “you have been crawfishing your whole life, and WHOSE TO SAY YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS? IF YOU DON’T STOP, DELIVERANCE WILL COME ELSEWHERE. Now, I knew enough about the Bible to know He was speaking from one of my favorites scriptures from the book of Esther. Just a few days earlier, a lady had come up to me to say she wanted to head up the “Women’s Ministry” and I just didn’t feel she was the one. Now at the sink, I felt He wanted me to step up and start working with our women. I quickly answered back, but “Lord, what do I say, I don’t know enough of the Bible? He had all the answers of course, He replied, “Go find all the Parris’s in the world and tell them what you want to hear, that “I love them and share out of what you have learned yourself”. Once again I came back with, “well, what do I do with all my problems?” I heard, “He who waters others, will himself be watered.” I didn’t have a high school diploma so speaking in front of people seemed terrifying. Something supernatural happened that day. I picked up my boys and started a bible study, even bringing a playpen for my youngest to nap in after I breast fed him. I can’t say it was easy and everything went smooth and I never had “the mind games” again, but I went with God. I had to find the “Parris’s” in the world, I had a message to give her and I knew in telling her, I would in turn get His love. There is something about stepping out despite your “issues”, He seems to use our weaknesses to encourage others. So next time your at the kitchen sink, you never know who might show up!


  1. great message today! sxounds like alot of stuff we are experienceing at times, its not always easy things happen tjhhat we never thought would, thoughts have always been a big one in my life and it can be overcome only by his love sometimes it has been overwhelming ive learned to go before the lord right there and right now ask him to help me not think of all the stuff being thrown at me. I know if I dont do this I wont be free, fear and confusion and Randy in his own understanding that is contrerey to God will take over and I wont have any victory, It all comes from the Lord and we all get attacted, One night I got so fed up with myselve buying into the thought garbage, I had to ask the Lord to forgive me then I went by the power of the Holy Spirit after the evil one attacking me wiyth all this trash thinking, It took me to just getting fed up with being ripped off and started praying for the Lord to help me do something about it, It took the Lord to do this, by making me not wanting to stand for this anymore. I still get stuff thrown my way but now I have a lot more insight of what is going on and know in my heart we fight not againsst flesh and blood but need to stand in Gods word and fight by His athority and strenth and power in the Holy Spirit out side of that no one is strong enough to get victory over our enemy The big one saten throws at me is Im not good enough, or smart enough or too ugly or too old all kinds of stuff, but none of us can claim anything and its the Lord that decides our lives and he says who what why not us or saten its his choice and He has the say.

  2. I love this testimony. It reminds me of myself with the baby in the stroller and one in the belly, in the trailer, uneducated, unemployed blah, blah, blah…and all the while God was calling me to be his ambassador. It is when we realize it is not at all about our abilities, inabilities, education or charm. It is about Christ in us, not us at all! Too many times God’s chosen vessels are frozen with fear believing that they are not able, when in fact it is because we (in ourselves) are unable! It is HIM, HIM, HIM through us HALLELUJAH! Yes! Put on Christ haha!! A supernatural life indeed. With the Holy Ghost power raging inside of you, burning to come out, you MUST decrease while He increases!! Really, we are living to0 please the only One who matters. Thank you for this thought today. I LOVE IT!!

  3. God can handle any problem that we need him too! I love to watch God perform miracles! He’s got me witnessing Jesus Christ to people on the street and on face book! Even to telemarketers at times! He’s the master at multitasking! Ecclesiastes 3:11. Romans 9:21. Job 5:8-9.1corinthians3:6-8. Later my fellow citizens of Zion!

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