Eph. 5:18-19 And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

David was all about the new song. He had tasted the sweetness of the other world and earthly songs would never do for David. This all started for him after that day of days when the prophet Samuel poured the oil upon David. From that very day the Spirit of God continued to “rush upon” David. He was singing the songs of heaven. Jonathan Edwards experienced a similar anointing on his church in Northampton in the 1700’s. They even had a weekly Sunday afternoon service where they sang exclusively the revival songs of Isaac Watts. Edwards preached a message about the new song of the Spirit that flowed out of the heart experiencing this spiritual renewal. Enjoy this short excerpt from that sermon.

“The melody of the heart with which they sing is new. Before they knew but how to sing praise to God: they were unlearned; they could make no melody in God’s ear; they had no skill in divine music; they had not learned the tune, nor could they sound one harmonious note. Their hearts were like an instrument that is unstrung and broken, wholly out of tune. The notes were most jarring and discordant. If they pretended to sing praise to God, it was howling and not singing in God’s ears. But now God has put their hearts in tune. Now there is some inward harmony. Now there is divine harmony that is melodious unto God.”

Edwards is pointing out the dramatic, total change in the nature of someone who is born again. We couldn’t praise God before, there was no praise in our hearts. He describes this new spiritual experience as a spiritual harmony. Before Christ, we were in discord with Him, His church, and His creation. Once we have been transformed by His grace, we begin to have harmony and joy in our hearts. This joy cannot and must not be contained, it flows out of us in a beautiful new heavenly song. It becomes the song and rhythm of our lives. Then we begin to see it, we have lived our lives discordant, we lived out of step with the Lord and His kingdom plans. We were ignorant of His purposes. His church was irrelevant to us. The renewal of the Spirit changes all of that. We are now in harmony with our God. We take great delight in His plans and purposes for our lives. His church becomes our very life. Instead of walking lock step with the world, singing their songs, our hearts are filled with the songs of heaven. Our sins have been washed away, His love has been displayed for us at the cross, His Spirit is being poured upon is excessive measures. How can we stay silent? We have to sing this new song.

5 Replies to “SINGING A NEW SONG”

  1. the just shall live by faith ! Romans 1:16-17 . Thank you, Martin Luther for hearing from God, and changing the whole world. Thank you Pastor Frank , the first time I went to Victory , God changed my whole life. from glory to glory

  2. Psalm 33:3 Sing unto him a new song;play skillfully with a loud noise. It is so wild when God enables me to sing like an opera star! Sometimes he would have me singing in more than one language! Wow! Psalm 77:6. God bless you friends!

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