Heb.5:13,14 For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised.

Our natural senses come to us, well, naturally. No one has to teach you to see or to taste, it somehow just happens. Smelling, hearing and feeling are all part of our human experience. In a similar way, our spiritual senses just happen. That is what spiritual awakening is, the influence of God upon our souls so that the things of God actually become a part of our lives. When we are awakened, suddenly our spirit is alive and aware. We become saturated in the new world of the Spirit. We begin to hear His voice, see His glory, and feel His touch. Suddenly the sweet fragrance of Christ fills our world and like David said, we begin to taste and see that the Lord is good. Adam Clarke spoke about developing these spiritual senses by making use of them. Check out his comments on spiritual senses.

“Have their senses exercised – The word signifies the different organs of sense, as the eyes, ears, tongue, and palate, nose, and finger ends, and the nervous surface in general, through which we gain the sensations called seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. These organs of sense, being frequently exercised or employed on a variety of subjects, acquire the power to discern the various objects of sense: viz. all objects of light; difference of sounds; of tastes or savors; of odors or smelling; and of hard, soft, wet, dry, cold, hot, rough, smooth, and all other tangible qualities.
There is something in the soul that answers to all these senses in the body. And as universal nature presents to the other senses their different and appropriate objects, so religion presents to these interior senses the objects which are suited to them. Hence in Scripture we are said, even in spiritual things, to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch or feel. These are the means by which the soul is rendered comfortable, and through which it derives its happiness and perfection.”

The Apostle Paul spoke about one of the gifts of the Spirit called discerning of spirits. This spiritual gift is actually an amplified or strengthening of this spiritual ability to perceive spiritual things. Just as the gift of faith is an amplified version of our faith, discerning of spirits is an amplification of this spiritual perception given to us in Christ. The truth is that when we are born again we suddenly and wonderfully become aware of God’s incredible kingdom realm. As we press in to Him, our spiritual senses become “exercised” and we become more aware of His nearness and we actually begin to live, move, and operate in His kingdom realm. In the unusual times that we live in we need more than Christian slogans and principles, we must operate in the power of God.

3 Replies to “SPIRITUAL SENSE”

  1. yes this is so! His spirt will lead us and it will be found in his word, the word and the Holy spirit will conferm each other, they bouth line up together, the Lord will not countridic himselve, we hear all kinds of things these days, they may sound good but are they? it all goes back to the word of God enhanced by the Holy Spirit sealed by it, We cant take anyones word anymore they have to back it up, The Holy Spirit has given us power to live and to fuction according to what the Lord wants we can go with it or resist it our choice, if we are obedient and go with it we are in His will if not we are just religious do nothings know nothings and dead to not really fulfilling what the lord has for us, not the place none of us needs to be in. The lord has given us alot if you think about it, He has trusted us with His word, im finding more and more my time isnt my own, to put down what ever im doing or what ball game im enjoying when the situation comes up this takes first attention, ill get the score later or maybe get to see the action I missed on the sports chanel The lord lets us have time also to enjoy and wants us to have it, He knows everything about us, we are on his team and he rests us and also gives us a good boot in the hind , we can get slothful letting to much take away from what he wants for us, Ive been dealt with on that its always good when the Lord is leading and we are right there being lead by him I have to ask myselve if im in the place in my life where I can give up my will to do his with freedom in the Holy sSpirt each day I know I have to ask to be lead and to be pleaseing to him He always makes away so we can, grace is such a blessing I know its only by something I would never deserve but He gives it to us Grace and mercy What a God!

  2. Just about 20min. ago God moved upon me to pray in tongues! Then the Holy Spirit lead me to my back yard! After which the praying turned into singing! Wow! He had me singing in all kind of tongues! I really didn’t want to stop! That scripture in the book of Jude in the bible about stirring up the gift is real! God bless you my fellow citizens of Zion!

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