Psa. 67:1-2 ¶ God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us, that thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.

I recently noticed this phrase, saving health, for the first time. I checked out the root word for that phrase and to my amazement it was the word yeshua. It is the hebrew word for salvation, it is also the hebrew word for the name above all names, the name of Jesus. This is the name the angel told Joseph to name Mary’s son, “call His name Jesus for He will save His people from their sins”. This name describes the life and ministry of our Lord, He is the Savior and He restores, heals, and makes whole everything He touches. Adam Clarke describes the effect He has upon our lives.

“Thy saving health, “thy salvation.” The great work which is performed in God’s way, in destroying the power, pardoning the guilt, cleansing from the infection, of all sin; and filling the soul with holiness, with the mind that was in Christ. Let all nations-the whole Gentile world, know that way, and this salvation!”

Clarke describes how Christ not only forgives, but liberates us from what he calls the infection of sin. All of us who have met Him have found the freedom that comes from deliverance from sin. Gill also expounds on the power of this name, he also includes the healing nature of that name.

“thy saving health among all nations; or “thy salvation”; or “thy Jesus”; whose name signifies a Savior; and who is the only one, and an able and willing one, and is God’s salvation, of his appointing, promising, and sending; salvation is by him, and by him only; he came to obtain it, and he is the author of it; health is also by him, he is the physician of souls, and his blood the balm that cures every disease; so that he is the Savior, salvation, and saving health, to his people; this was unknown to the nations of the world until the Gospel came among them, until the grace of God bringing this salvation appeared unto them, and shone upon them,”

When you look at the life of Christ in the gospels, every page is filled with the healing nature of Christ. He cleansed the lepers from their foul condition, He opened the eyes of those who had been blind for their entire lives, He caused the cripples to dance for joy. Those who were maimed, missing limbs, actually saw creative miracles as legs and arms grew where they had been missing. Everywhere Jesus went His “saving health” was seen. Has God changed today? Is He unable or unwilling to heal the sick today? Absolutely not. Our God is changeless. He is all powerful and His mercy endures forever. So I have to say with David, “God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us, that thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.”

6 Replies to “YESHUA”

  1. He is the same today He hasnt changed! Its us that He changes to beleive in him be transformed by him renewing our minds and hearts, and we see every thing become new and we continue in newness of life that only he can give, all the former things pass, none of us can remain the same, thank The Lord for that! He becomes and is our portion the only, that can substahe and maintain us, nothing else can come close some call it blind faith, we call it a relationship with our lord, times we may think it blind faith but we have seen the lord take control too many times in our lives, He brought us out of a life without him and gave us life gave us him

  2. I read this and its powerful, I think of the world system with hospitals , the medicine , the silly remedies and health care programs will be not so useful when God pours His spirit out on all flesh. When God pours Him on us there’s gonna be a encounter for people. A undeniable encounter raising the level of faith for the believer and unbeliever. The church will be the hospital for many. Obama care is a health insurance program , but our God ! Is the Healer !!! Inf

  3. Amen, I had to share this story. I was working at this printing company called total graphics and i had went to work that morning and I arrived at work, my Wife dropped me off, i was sitting there waiting for 8:00 to come to punch in for work. The next thing I felt This terrible pain in my growing. I fell to the ground hurting holding myself. It eased a little I got up and walked outside and it came again. I started throwing up and in pain again, o how it hurt, it was bad. I will never forget it. Well all of a sudden my plant manager showed up John Davis from Pontchatoula and ran over to me. He is a Christian man, I remember him asking me what’s wrong, I told him I don’t know. Well he took his hand and placed it on my forehead and he started praying over me and the next thing I felt was this peace come over me and relaxed me the pain went away. I remember sitting on the cement against a wall in the parking lot all the pain was gone and throwing up. I was at ease, wife picked me up and went to the hospital. I remember hearing on the way there my wife Linda asking me what i was laughing at on the way to the hospital she said I just smiled at her. Well got to the Hospital and I had a kidney stone. It was huge the doctors said. They didn’t understand why i wasn’t hollering or in pain, I told them Jesus. Our sweet and Precious Jesus how Amazing
    He is (I AM). He is my everything today, tommorrow, FOREVER. Im so in LOVE with You. Blessings Pastor Frank thanks for the teaching of that Hebrew word.

  4. God has a plan for the life of each one of his children! I told God at one time:I’ll drive an 18 wheeler,become a social worker,or drive a taxi. His answer was no! He moved upon me to work less for the world and more for him! Then my flesh had me on a bus headed to the casino! Immediately the holy ghost fell upon me and convicted me of my sinful endeavor! He guides me continuously by the Holy Spirit! Thank you Jesus Christ for your friendship

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