2Cor. 11:2 For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

The greatest of all pictures of God’s love for us and the blessings that come from a relationship with Him, is pictured for us in the joining together of man and woman in marriage. There has been an onslaught from the world on God’s institution of marriage. It has been demeaned as unimportant and insignificant by those who say it is just a piece of paper and it has been desecrated by those who support and promote marriage between members of the same sex. For the Christian, it is a beautiful relationship between two friends and lovers and also the greatest picture of our inheritance in Christ. Jonathan Edwards wrote some amazing thoughts about our marriage to Christ in His comments on the parable of the Ten Virgins.

“If your soul was espoused to Christ, how profitable a match would it be to you; and on the other hand, how unprofitable those other lovers to you. This glorious person, that seeks your love and invites you to a spiritual espousal with Him, is one that is of unsearchable riches. He is infinitely rich in Himself; He possesses infinite riches in His infinite, divine nature, for He has the nature of the Godhead. The Godhead has an infinite fullness in it. And He is unspeakably rich in His external possessions, for He is the heir of all things. For being the Son of God, He is the natural heir of God, He is the great possessor of heaven and earth. If you yield to His suit, and your soul becomes His spouse, His riches shall be yours. You shall have the possession of all He is, and joint interest in all He has. How gloriously then will you be endowed! How rich you will become!”

How unprofitable are those “other lovers” in our lives. Is there another lover replacing your devotion and first love towards Christ? Has something from the world stolen away your affections? If so, it is time to restore your first love and draw near to our heavenly groom.
The tragedy of spiritual adultery is the incredible toll it takes on our lives. All of the spiritual benefits as well as the physical benefits that are part of our inheritance in Christ are taken away. First, we lose the joy of friendship and intimacy with God. No longer do we feel His nearness to us as we walk about our day. We, like Adam, have hidden ourselves from our Lord because other lovers have replaced Him. Secondly, we forfeit all of His resources, if you haven’t figured it out yet, that is immense. His resources are unlimited and in Christ they are part of our heritage. Finally, the greatest of all tragedies, is that we are not able to enjoy Him as our only portion in the life to come. Rather than “Enter into the joy of your Master” we would hear, “Depart from Me, I never knew you”.
The good news is this; today is still here, today is the day to make it right, today is the day of salvation.

4 Replies to “OTHER LOVERS”

  1. Putting God first in one’s life is truly of the most importance! Matthew 22:37-40. Psalm 5:10-12.1John4:13-18. Gods Word most assuredly nourishes the soul of a man or woman!

  2. God is tripartite (Father, Son, Holy Spirit ) and made man is his image (also tripartite- spirit, soul, body).
    God creates- man procreates. Homosexuality is sterile and can produce no life. For those dear souls lost in this sin who claim this is how they were born I simply reccomend they get born again to a new life of freedom in Christ.

    It is perhaps because I have enjoyed a great marriage of 37 years now that I can particullary relate to the value of those bonds. My wife and myself are much like two legs on the same body and would not function properly apart; our love is stronger all the time and there is simply no room for another to come between us. This is how I perceive the heart of the Father, His great love will not take second place and I fear that we can easily grieve the One who loves us if we are not giving Him the rightful place in our heart of hearts.

  3. OTHER LOVERS, THERE IS ONLY ONE FOR ME. It’s amazing how when you find Him and bond with Him really bond with Him Daily, the results you receive daily. What a Father, thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit. Your amazing. No words. Well I was in my Bible thia morning and has A awesome morning like every morning, but to say its amazing how he starts putting other Christian Brothers together, and was worshipping Him with a worship cd my Brother Ricky brought me and had an amazing time this morning. I have speakers outside my house and had the stereo turned up and i waa worshipping and looked outside and had a few people out. One there ears were covered by there hands. And another just looking. But its all for the ONE THAT HAS SHOWN ME WHO HE IS. MY ( I AM). WHAT A REAL FATHER. I AM IN LOVE. SATURATE ME MORE OF YOU. MY LIFE IA YOURS FATHER. YOU A.RE MY BETTER OF LOVE…I LOVE YOU. I WANT TO LIFT YOU HIGHER. YOUR WILL NOT MINE.


  4. God bless you, Pastor Frank, for your uncompromising challenge from the Word of God for both Believers and unbelievers!
    Love and appreciate you, Mimi Crabtree

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