Jude 22-Jude 23 ¶ And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.

Recently our minister of music, Courtney Garris, had a very unusual encounter. She was traveling home after a recent Saturday night worship service and randomly picked up a young female hitch hiker. She drove the young woman to the place she was staying in the French Quarter. Courtney was pleading with this young girl to open her heart to Christ. She prayed with Courtney just before she got out of the car. Courtney gave her a Bible and phone number and encouraged her to call. The next morning the unthinkable happened. The New Orleans coroner called the phone number he found in the Bible during Sunday Morning service. The young girl had been found dead that morning. She had no identification.The only thing she had was the Bible with the phone number.
Wow! What a shocking event. So many thoughts come rushing into your head. The most stunning thought is this, God’s love went to great extremes to present Christ to this girl before her death. God’s love is past comprehension. Today’s verse describes drastic measures used in “snatching” people from the fire. Here are some comments about that verse by Calvin and Pool.

“When there is a danger of fire, we hesitate not to snatch away violently whom we desire to save; for it would not be enough to beckon with the finger, or kindly to stretch forth the hand. So also the salvation of some ought to be cared for, because they will not come to God, except when rudely drawn. The word to save, is transferred to men, not that they are the authors, but the ministers of salvation.”

“Pulling them out of the fire: it is a proverbial speech: the sense is, that as they that are in the fire, and like to be destroyed by it, must not be gently exhorted to come out of it of themselves, but speedily and forcibly pulled out, in consideration of their eminent danger; so they that are more stubborn sinners, being in apparent danger of being destroyed by the fire of their lusts, and being as it were in the mouth of hell, must be more harshly and severely dealt with, by setting the Lord’ s terrors before them…”

We have no idea how close we are to eternity. One moment this young girl was hitch hiking on the North Shore of Lake Ponchartrain, the next moment she stepped into eternity. Our lives are fragile and each of us have an appointment with our God. If you are a Christian, God’s love is compelling you today to be sensitive to those the Lord brings your way, eternity is at hand. If you are not walking with God, let this serve as your wake up call, TODAY IS YOUR DAY FOR SALVATION. You are not reading this by accident, the Lord is calling you to Himself, your appointment before Him is drawing near. Open your heart to Christ, it will make an eternal difference for you.


  1. Amen, what a Real way to speak the Truth this story has touched me again. You just never know. Wow, The first time I heard it was from Courtney at Church this past Sunday night. There is a lot of people out there just like this young girl. Wow Lord give us more wisdom and knowledge of the things we need to move on to do. Blessings Pastor Frank

  2. Powerful testimony from courtney , and it just shows and speaks to me on How God works. Grace Grace Grace. We all should wittness christ to people. Our families , coworkers even the ones at the corner drinking the beer selling drugs. A hug out of no where , a smile can just change someone.

  3. Truly should we pray for divine appointments for believers and the lost! Acts 1:5-11. 2Timothy4:1-8. God bless you my fellow saints!

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