Matt. 6:31-33 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

All of my life I had a huge problem with worry, actually my mom got me “nerve pills” when I was a kid. Really, nerve pills, you know; “mama’s little helper”? Remember, this was the sixties. I would worry about everything. I can even remember trying to remember what I was currently worrying about. It was a sick way to live. Thankfully, after my conversion, the Lord began to deal with this worry thing in my life, after all, He says that unbelief flows out of an evil heart. Worry comes from not knowing or acknowledging the Living God.
One of the ways the Lord dealt with me happened on a snow day while tree planting up in the mountains of Washington. When it snowed we couldn’t plant, we would be stuck in the tents at camp trying to deal with boredom. On one trip our spiritual overseer came up with an idea. He came up with giant cards with a scripture and a confession on each one. We had to read it out loud in our gathering and “confess” the scripture and apply it in our lives. You guessed it, mine said I will never again confess worry. The scripture was “Don’t worry about anything, but bring your requests to God with thanksgiving”. Wow, I was embarrassed and convicted but the Lord used this event to work change in my life. Martin Luther often spoke of faith, check out his thoughts about worry.

“The people of this world praise those who strive for wealth and possessions. Instead of seeing striving for wealth as a failure to trust God, they consider it a commendable virtue and a praiseworthy character trait. Take note of what it means to serve wealth. It means undue concern about the needs and necessities of life, such as worrying about what you will eat and what you will wear. In short, it means thinking only about this life and accumulating a large fortune under the mistaken notion that this life will go on forever. We don’t have to consider daily necessities, such as eating, drinking, and buying clothes, as serving and worshiping wealth. Purchasing and storing food are essential for life. The sin, however, is being concerned about daily necessities and setting our hearts on them as sources of comfort and security.”

That scripture card incident was a random event that God used in my life. The cards were given out by chance, the Lord selected the one I was to read. My first thought was that I had been set up, but that was impossible. This worry thing was only obvious to me because the Lord was dealing in my life. Today, He is still working on me. My natural tendency is to worry, that’s why I need to draw near to the Living God where all worries disappear.

7 Replies to “WHAT ? ME WORRY”

  1. Pastor Frank, this is so good on manny levels, in my life worry has been a confession of faith. The word of God removes worry, but worry works to remind me , I have needs. And because I know what worry looks like I can see it in others. This scripture speaks to this issue so well, and God is so faithfull . Thank you for this word in season, I will use it today , first for myself, then at a meeting at work .

  2. The cares of this worldly kingdom are just that! Proverbs15:14-17. Proverbs 19:18,20,21. Hebrews 12:28. Praising God while under attack by the enemy displays our love for God! In name of the Lamb Of God! 1Timothy6:11-12. God bless you my fellow citizens of zion

  3. This is so right on! I know beyond a dought if we seek to stay under His covering, and we have to really pray to do this, not be distracted which I have to really pray about so much can distract us if we allow it, things seem less important, the lord is helping me more in this, Ive really noticed in my own relationship with the lord and im learning to do this I had to be taught by Him to just tell him every thing, ask to be trusting on whatever is causeing worry, this has helped me alot and I have with his help gotten better, worry was a torment in my life, I relise now and as I age older The Lord wants us and has called us to his peace, I was missing out because of worry being robbed, got tired of the joy it was taking and when we worry we cant enter in as good to what the Lord wants in our lives and He wants us free from all this, worry pride condemnation thinking we will never be good enough, saten use to get me on that one all the time, Jesus canme to set us free all have sinned an d come short but now we are purchased by his blood and we can by his love and grace as we allow him to move in our lives, I pray alot to stay under his covering submitte to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to move in my heart and being, before I was ignorant I worried alot walked in selfish p;ride wasnt the best person to be around uncapable of really lov ing others the way God wants us to Anoter thing that has helped me I ask the Lord to put his word into my heart so I wont sin against him or others and so I can please him anyone that prays this He will oner this~! im so glad He loves us all the same and isnt a respecter of persons I can say he will do it for anyone that swill come to him honest before him he works in our lives and will present us blameless by what he has done It just takes us to be willing. I want to say thankyou for this site The Lord has used you all in my life and ive gotten very close to much that has been a life changeing experience.

  4. Thank you Pastor Bailey for these blog that you and Pastor Parris write , we really appreciate them. They are so helpful and life changing. WOW!! blessings

  5. Amen, Pastor Frank, I can remember also my Father. He was an awesome Dad and would never trade him for nothing in the world. Full of love joy and doing for everyone. But I can remember him being scared and worried about the dumbest things. His health being sick and so forth. When our Heavenly Father was there the whole time. But it was just all a lie. Wow Thank God that I found His truth of His Great Book, THE BIBLE and found out where all that fear and worry comes from. The enemy, and the funny thing about it is that we use to go Church and Bible study when I was younger and still in all My Dad would fear and worry. Well He died of a stroke and I really believe that’s what killed him was the worrying. He went to the doctor and came back with bad results and started thinking the negative instead of looking at the positive one above Our Real Father and Doctor, the one who created us. Praise Jesus and just to say I had a great earthly Father. I will see him again. Blessings to you and Our Church….. Love you Pastor, have a great day. by the way fear and worry is no longer in my vocabulary, I know the truth. I have my Heavenly Father, who died on the cross for me, for all My sicknesses and diseases and worries. Praise Him, I live Him with all my heart, soul, body and strength. What a REAL FATHER.

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