Isa.41:18-20. “I will make the wilderness pools of water I will plant in the wilderness the cedar that ye may see, and know, and consider, and understand together that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it.”

Shortly after Parris and I were married we moved to Kerman, California in the San Joaquin Valley. Actually it could have been called the san Joaquin Desert if it wasn’t for the irrigation system. You see just to the east you could see the mountains, Kings Canyon and Yosemite were not far away and provided melted snow for the irrigating of the valley below. The areas that were irrigated were dramatically different from the areas that were not. The unirrigated areas were dry and desolate, nothing but a wasteland. The areas that were irrigated were fruitful, bursting into life. What a difference; there were grapes, tomatoes, almonds, cotton, the valley is a literal bread basket for our country. What a vivid picture! What a great description of our spiritual lives. When we are irrigated by the living waters flowing from God’s throne, we bare incredible fruit. Without these waters we become a stark wasteland. Jonathan Edwards spoke about the renewing powers of the spirit. Check out his words.
“God will cause waters to flow in the dry desert, and turn the barren wilderness into a pleasant garden, and bring forth these glorious things in such places that were most likely and most distant from any thing of this nature, and where was the least.. of any previous disposition, preparation, or foundation for any thing of this, that his hand might be the more visible, and his power and efficacy the more apparent and undeniable; as of old, when God furnished a table in the wilderness, and brought forth water out of the flinty rock. Therefore here it is said,” The Holy One of Israel hath created it.“ To create, as the word is in Scripture, is either to make out of nothing, or, which is equivalent, to make out of that which has in itself no natural fitness, disposition, or proportion, or foundation for such an effect..”
There was an irrigation canal that flowed behind our campus in Kerman. After a hot day of work in the grape fields around the campus, we would often take a dip in those refreshing waters. It would often be very hot, over 100 degrees on those summer days, and the cold, melted snow was quite a shock to your senses. If you could take the radical change in temperature, it would bring, instant, incredible refreshing to your body. Only the brave could do it, but the results were well worth it. Today, there is a refreshing stream flowing nearby. Some don’t believe it exists, others are terrified of it. For those who are tenacious, it can be the refreshing plunge of your life. If you are hot and dry, maybe a little desolate with no fruit, step into the waters, you will be glad you did.


  1. Awesome! Oh Lord break up this fallow ground and let Your River saturate, permeate and overwhelm us in all we do that we bear much fruit for Your glory. Hallelujah!
    It is said the fingerprints of God can be seen in all His creation- the grand canyon was carved and the earth moved (earthquake) and three great lakes emptied out. Not only did they carved that chasm but emptying them actually created the barren deserts of the Western USA . So when the earth moves the wrong way (we are flesh made of earth) we cannot hold water and become dry, unfruitful desert land. Interestingly enough geologists are beginning to find proof that the deserts in the Middle East may have been formed is much the same way.

  2. What a blog for me this morning. I question myself with where I’m at today. Went from running cranes to building them , inspecting them , and fixing them. Daily I see where I was looking at the man operating , I miss running cranes. I prayed for a job that would let me go back to bethesda and have time with my family and God gave it to me. I took a drastic pay cut , were struggling financially , and I keep thinking of what I prayed for. It’s been real rough lately. I have to read prophetic words given to me which suits where I’m at to just keep myself from walking off this job. This dessert I’m in just draws me closer to God trying to hear His voice throughout all this. It’s money or a pursuance of ministry. I hold my head down with shame before God cause of my questioning of His plans. What a desert and what great rivers to find in here. I see $ but see the lost. John 15 speaks to me everyday and today I’m a pruned being. I just need to see the new branch cause its getting rough in these deserts. Lord help me please!

  3. God truly gives the believer living waters to drink! Hebrews 6:4-9. Romans 12:17-21. 1Corinthians11:23-29. God bless you my fellow disciples of Jesus Christ!

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