Love – the Antidote against Temptation

-Merry Friday by Parris Bailey

“Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved, and be thou like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of Bether.” SOS 2:17

This July 4th, for the 23rd time I watched an age old miracle take place, the one where Jesus shows up in His church. I saw people praying, washing people’s feet, washing and cutting hair, preaching, singing, baptizing, cooking and picking up trash to well over 5000 people. For 23 years I think Feed the Multitude makes more and more an impact on me, just how beautiful it is “when people come together in unity”.
Spurgeon says “All these attributes of my God are mine: his power, my protection; his wisdom, my guidance; his faithfulness, my foundation; his grace, my salvation.” He is a God who cannot lie, faithful and true to his promise; he is all love, and at the same time infinitely just, supremely holy. Why, the contemplation of God to one who knows that this God is his God for ever and ever, is enough to make the eyes overflow with tears, because of the deep, mysterious, unutterable bliss which fills the heart.”
I saw people who were DELIGHTED TO HAVE CHRIST. Spurgeon goes onto say “My beloved is mine” the spouse makes this the first of her joy notes, the cornerstone of her peace, the fountain of her bliss, the crown of her glory.will come – we have only to return to meditations upon Jesus and he becomes his own evidence by making our hearts burn within us with love of his character and person, and then doubt is doomed. We do not slay our unbelief by reason, but we annihilate it by affection. The influence of love to Jesus upon the soul is so magical – I wish I had a better word – so elevating, so ravishing, so transporting, it gives such a peace, and withal inspires such holy and lofty aspirations. The love of the Lord, burning in our hearts, will consume everything that harms us. Satan cannot live against it a moment. It consumes all our enemies and turns their hatred into love. It is the antidote to every temptation that can come to us in disobedience and unfaithfulness. It is the charm which inspires and sustains every sacrifice and service for the Lord, and makes every burden light. It is the balm which brings even healing to our flesh and mortal frame.”
Feed the Multitudes is not just on July 4th, its a daily overflow from our hearts pouring out our gratitude to anyone we come into contact with. It’s when we refuse to dwell on the shadows that are cast on our lives that we can step out into the light of the love of God. I’m always amazed to see the hurting, the weak and the frail touch others less fortunate then them. It’s becomes our antidote to life.


  1. Amen Pastor Paris. Nothing is so life changing as reaching out and touching someone in His Love. Being a conduit for the Holy Spirit not only touches others but we are transformed every time as the life of heaven flows through us.
    As far as temptation, I cannot think of a single one that will not fade and loose it’s luster if we but begin to dwell on Him, our great love.
    If we but call on Jesus, ask for help, and walk each step believing for that help to manifest (walk by faith) we will not only overcome but with each step be drawn even closer to Love Himself.
    Thanks again for the message, I always see Jesus in you when you share.

    Many blessings in His Name,
    your brother Larry.

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