Psa. 78:24-25 Had rained down manna on them to eat,
And given them of the bread of heaven. Men ate angels’ food;
He sent them food to the full.

There is a picture over my desk that I find myself looking at all the time. It is a painting of Feed the Multitudes 1994, the year the angels came down. You know, I am not one who is always talking about or imagining angels but there seems to be no other logical explanation for what happened that year, it had to be those watermelons. You see, that painting shows these angels bringing watermelons to the feast that year, they were flying in from everywhere delivering those melons to the hungry guests. Nothing seemed unusual at first, but a few weeks later, the delayed reaction set in. Spiritual intoxication, you heard me right, I think the melons were spiked. Our services became like drunken parties! Somebody did something to those watermelons.
Throughout history angels have been known to bring food on special occasions. They fed Elijah and he lived on the meal for forty days. They fed the children of Israel for forty years during their wilderness adventure and you know angels had to be involved with that little boy’s lunch. Somehow angels are connected to hungry people and special occasions. Spurgeon also spoke about this angel food from heaven.

“And had rained down manna upon them to eat. There was so much of it, the skies poured with food, the clouds burst with provender. It was fit food, proper not for looking at but for eating; they could eat it as they gathered it. Mysterious though it was, so that they called it manna, or “what is it?” yet it was eminently adapted for human nourishment; and it was both abundant and adapted, so also was it available! They had not far to fetch it, it was nigh them, and they had only to gather it up. O Lord Jesus, thou blessed manna of heaven, how all this agrees with Thee! We will even now feed on Thee as our spiritual meat, and will pray Thee to chase away all wicked unbelief from us. Our fathers ate manna and doubted; we feed upon Thee and are filled with assurance.”

So here we are again in 2012, another Fourth of July, another Feed the Multitudes. I have a suspicion that those angels are up to something again. It may not be the watermelons but I think they are messing with something. It may be the snowballs or the drinks. I also have my eyes on the red-beans from the Salvation Army. Or maybe it will be the Jambalaya or the chicken, I know it will be something. So if you start feeling a little woozy or a little happier than normal, get ready, the next few months could get quite interesting. So enjoy the celebration, as for me, I’m gonna eat some extra watermelon today. I think the melons are always spiked.


  1. I love it when the Lord comes in like this! Times like this we are all really enjoying his goodness. These are very rich times, ive seen this happen when we were not even expecting it, the Lord just did it! one time my family was hurting real bad Alliene my wife was in critical condition, the doctors told us it wasnt good she may not live, they didnt expect her to make it, we prayed very hard got prayer from all over the world, she survived to the astonishment of her doctors, one doctor praised the lord for this, He is a beleiver, while we were goin g threw this at her worst state the Holy Spirit fell on us with peace and joy, The Lord comforted us, we all realised if the Lord took her it was ok, He gave her back to us at that time. she is still very ill but has the joy of the lord and his love in her, this illness has made her life even better and she knows if the lord takes her home that will be great! The lord has reasons for every thing we might not understand but he can see and do things even beyond our limited understanding and his ways are so much better, im so glad today we are under his love and he does give us the grace we need, . He visits us in some very powerful and supernatural ways at times sometimes when we lest expect him to do that He does you all have a very blessed day!

  2. Gods timing is perfect my fellow saints! Read Acts 17:24-26. I’ve received provision from a man on a disability check, a homeless man on the street,the catholic church,my roommates in the past,my parents,unemployment checks,income tax refunds,and etc! Wow! Also read Galatians 4:1-7. God bless you friends!

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