Hosea 7:8 “Ephraim has mixed himself among the peoples;
Ephraim is a cake unturned.

Have you ever seen a poorly cooked pancake? One side is burnt and the other side is doughy. There is an art to cooking a good pancake. You have to get the griddle the exact right temperature and turn the pancake over at the proper time. Hosea was comparing an apparent believer to an unturned pancake. They have the so-called ingredients of what a Christian should look like but would not allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to cook them thoroughly. They may attend church and do the “deeds” other Christians are involved in, but the fire never cooks them all the way through. The fire is unpleasing to the carnal so-called Christian and never actually brings them to a place of being done or matured. Charles Spurgeon makes some penetrating comments about this verse, check out his thoughts.

“The sort of cake, to which Ephraim is here likened, ” uggah” literally, ” circular,” was a thin pancake, to which a scorching heat was applied on one side; sometimes by means of hot charcoal heaped upon it; sometimes, (it is thought,) the fire was within the earthen jar, around which the thin dough was fitted. If it remained long ” unturned,” it was burned on the one side; while it continued unbaked, doughy, recking, on the other; the fire spoiling, not penetrating it through. Such were the people; such are too many so-called Christians; they united in themselves hypocrisy and ungodliness, outward performance and inward lukewarmness; the one overdone, but without any wholesome effect on the other. The one was scorched and black; the other, steamed, damp, and lukewarm; the whole worthless, spoiled irremediably, fit only to be cast away. The fire of God’ s judgment, with which the people should have been amended, made but an outward impression upon them, and reached not within, nor to any thorough change, so that they were the more hopelessly spoiled through the means which God used for their amendment.”

Have you ever noticed how some people want to have all the right ingredients in their so-called spiritual lives. They go to church, maybe get involved in one of the ministries
(not too involved), and they have the Christian talk and style down to a fine art. But when the fire of the Spirit falls, they are suddenly invisible, conveniently these unturned pancakes disappear, too much fire makes them uncomfortable. That is why they are not cooked through and through and never bring any true spiritual fruit to perfection.
For those pancakes who stay on the fire and allow the Lord to cook them on both sides, they become a tasty morsel. There is nothing quite like a nice hot pancake. The Christian who has been deeply touched by the fire of God’s presence begins to carry the sweet taste of Christ in their lives. It is kind of like the manna, it was said to have the taste of honey and oil, it had the sweetness of Christ and the oil of His Spirit. So get in some good Holy Ghost services and allow the Lord to cook you on both sides, you may be just the right pancake for that needy person to taste today.


  1. That is a good word Pastor Frank, thanks! May we be willing to surrender our deep, hidden places, that our dough may be well cooked.

  2. As you encourage me Pastor Frank, I challenge myself and others to do what ever God requires for us to become those honey, oil, cakes of God, that we may be broken and served to the people who needs us to bring life giving nurishment to their spirits, souls, and bodies. Amen! So let it be done as we say and agree.

  3. Wow, what a picture! I’ve seen people dart for the door when the worship starts at end of service and I’ve prayed, Lord if it’s not an emergency and they’re just bugging out, please open their eyes to see what they’re missing. I’ve been tired at the end of a service and told myself, “hey your not seeing things with God’s perspective, you can’t leave until God’s Presence changes you.” It’s amazing how you see the world differently after time in God’s Presence. You become a different person on the inside. I guess fully cooked.

  4. Sorry Moe, but sometimes I am one of those “darters” -it is a 85 mile ride home and the Mrs gets up earlier than I do for work. I sit in the back and try to be quiet leaving so as not to disturb anyone.

  5. Wow!! Pastor Bailey this is an awesome word, I want to be a fully cooked pancake,;) Yielding, and staying under that fire and allowing the Lord to cook us. Lord have your way in us!

  6. truly are we tested by trials and tribulations in this world! Revelation 3:18,Isaiah 10:17,and Zechariah 2:5. Let his glorious fire consume you my friends!

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