Psalm 51:7
Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

How can anything be whiter than snow? That’s what the Bible says happens to us through the forgiveness of sins found in the blood of Jesus Christ. The Bible is actually a history not of perfect people but the story of incredibly flawed people who found forgiveness for their sins by grace through faith. Think of some of the key figures in the scripture. I think of David who committed adultery with Bathsheba and then murdered her husband Uriah trying to cover up his sin. Then there is the Apostle Paul who ravaged the church and was responsible for the death of the great preacher Steven. Who could forget Peter in his cowardice and betrayal. The list goes on and on; Abraham’s dalliance with Hagar, Judah’s repulsive act with a supposed prostitute, Moses’ murder of the Egyptian, and the incest committed by Lot. This is not a pretty picture, it seems like everyone used by God was deeply flawed. That brings us to the incredible cleansing power found only in the blood of Jesus. Martin Luther spoke often about the righteousness that comes only by faith in the blood of Jesus, here is something he said about spiritual cleansing.

“How can we become whiter than snow when sin remains in us and sticks to us? Because of our sins, we are never as clean and holy as we should be. But we have received baptism, which is pure. We have received God’s Word, which is also pure. And through baptism and God’s Word, we have received Christ’s blood, which is absolutely pure. Because of the purity we receive in faith through Christ, we can certainly say that we are whiter than snow. We are purer than the sun and stars, even though sin still sticks to us. Our sin is covered by the purity and innocence of Christ, which we receive when we hear and believe God’s Word. We should keep in mind, though, that this purity comes completely from outside ourselves. In other words, Christ clothes us with his own perfection.”

The beauty of the gospel does not end with forgiveness of sins. Yes, His blood can wash away the deepest stain from our souls but He does not leave us in that place of sinful behavior. The gospel also has the power to change us. We see the transforming quality of the grace of God most clearly in the New Testament. Paul is changed from a blasphemer to an apostle who opened the Western world up to the gospel and Peter is transformed from a coward to a man of uncommon boldness preaching Christ in the streets of Jerusalem.
Yes, there is hope for blasphemers, adulterers, murderers, cowards, and crooks; there is even hope for you and me. It seems the Lord loves to shine the light of his gospel into the darkest places in this life. Through the power of forgiveness God is glorified and we are satisfied.

3 Replies to “WHITER THAN SNOW”

  1. Praise God I feel like I can be used lol! I look back and laugh at times , cry at times , and most of the time just very very thankful. I was like a snowball the sin was tasteful very visible and smothered with the so called sugar of this world. Then I realized God was just sitting behind the counter shaking His head at this stubborn flesh of mine choosing every sinful flavor there is until I realized and asked for His flavor and He dropped that lever and was smothered by His forgiveness grace and mercy becoming white as snow not having a desire in this world to get some sin filled snowball again. I recently went on the kids retreat and was amazed by the innocence of these children. I’ve never seen kids this age soak in the presence of God like I did. Some were sprawled out , others standing up weaping and worshiping , others sat and watched. This one little girl Victoria just crying out to God awestruck me. Some reading there bibles. My buddy miles just soaking and at peace , I can go on and on. The whole thing was there innocent children of God experiencing His presence. We all I feel should be like this where pride is not a factor and letting God pull the lever down being smothered with the flavor of God. The Gospel seems to affect the murderer to the kid stealing cookies. It’s amazing.

  2. Praise Jesus for dying on the cross for me to wash me clean and make me a New person in Him. He is amazing how He transformed me a sinner into the light of Him and gave me new life and future with Him. I can remember when I use to sleep all day really do nothing with my life and just get up and not care for anything. It was all about Kevin too. Buy now I get up for Him walk for Him dance and sing for Him. Talk to Him all day long. Worship Him wow who else would of changed me but Him. I know I didn’t do it. There’s just no words how He ransforms you. He Gives you a whole makeover without any kind of material things. Just the touch of Him. What other God can do that? No other one except my Jesus…..I love you. And what boldness He gives you,your not afraid of man anymore. You have a huge powerful Father.

  3. Because of Gods love for us and only that! none of us deserved anything, But He loved us and gave us away back to Him now we can have fellowship and enter His presence, we get all the good stuff peace and love and fellowship with God ,Jesus and The Holy Spirit in our lives, we were and still are to some degree flawed but in the right standing, the lord changes us for his glory we get better were the world gets worse, WWe got life the world has death and decay, we passed over to life the day we came to the Lord, and he isnt done with any of us and willaccomplish what he wants.

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