Abba Father!
Merry Monday by Parris Bailey-

“For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15

One of our grandsons has this very unusual way of showing affection. If your deemed worthy he will sit in your lap and grab your ear lobe and rubbed on it for awhile. I will be the first to admit that only a grandchild would be allowed to rub my earlobe! In a similar way we have been given something special, He has given us a way to express ourselves. It is called the “spirit of adoption”. The Spirit teaches us that we are no longer orphans but children and we can come to God with confidence. Our prayer becomes an affectionate endearing cry, like little children who repeat over and over again, daddy daddy or mommy mommy. Martin Luther said, “Let the Law, sin, and the devil cry out against us until their outcry fills heaven and earth. The Spirit of God outcries them all. Our feeble groans, “Abba, Father,” will be heard of God sooner than the combined racket of hell, sin, and the Law. To this searcher of the the hearts, our groaning which seem so feeble, is a loud shout for help in comparison with which the howls of hell, the din of the devil, the yells of the Law, the shouts of sin are like whispers.”
What is the spirit of adoption? Well its the Holy Spirit that cries within us, of our weaknesses. Because of our infirmity the Holy Ghost has been sent forth into our hearts to pray for us according to his will. The prodigal while eating the pigs food, realized he could go back to his Father because he was his son. We can draw near my friends, with full assurance of faith that our Father hears, our Father heals and our Father will take us home. Do you have fear? Let the spirit within you cry ABBA Father and you will feel peace? Are you ashamed? Let the spirit within you cry out again ABBA Father and you will sense comfort. Let’s us not be the big brother who on hearing that the fatted calf was killed grew jealous and remained outside.
Spurgeon says, “If there be any starving at God’s table, it is because the guest stints himself, for the feast is superabundant. If however, a man comes, and I pray you all may, to live habitually under a sense of pardon through the sprinkling of the precious blood, and in a delightful sense of perfect reconciliation with the great God, he is the possessor of a joy unspeakable and full of glory.
So even though the lions roar without, and storms blow within, go ahead and crawl into your Father’s lap and grab his earlobe. He understands, His Son did the same to Him!

7 Replies to “ABBA FATHER”

  1. Man oh man! It’s just gets better and better for me, first I was delivered and thought that was it feeling like I was full of this heat sweating buckshots , then the night of the first time of me atleast singing ressurection power jumping like a kid drenched feeling like I was in a sauna just wasted in His presence , a couple nights of feeling a odd comfort of pursuing ministry and a few more very intense nights. It’s so true to drop your guard do some jumping like a child and it falls on you like a flame for me atleast. At times i feel like I have spiritual tourettes or something. These sudden urges to run , flip , jump just go nuts. I been having these strong feelings of a outpouring coming lately. I keep pondering on Joshua 6:16 about victories calling for the city I seen on a newspaper from 1984 hanging in the cafe. The anticipation is there and the expectancy is strong. The herd of people in the gym , just seems like Gods gonna open His breaker box and pull down sending us some Holy spirit electricity. I taste it , sense it , pray for it , and expect it. I look at these tent revivals and pray for God to pour out on the city and FTM could be it I feel. I can’t wait!

  2. It is such a comfort to know Gods unconditional love for all of us, when we fall short, or we are brats the lord is still having love and patience for us, just as we love our grandchildren we have love and patience unconditionally, I have a grandson that gets pouty and fusses when he gets tired or wants his way, I had to teach him not to bite or grab stuff in the store that he wanted, he would put things in the shoping basket expecting me to buy them for him, we buy stuff for him but he had to learn he cant have this every time we go to the store, and he had to also learn to take care of the things we already bought him, when he is out of line our love never stops for him or our children, I see thyis also with our relationship with the lord. He loves us unconditionally when we are pouty, wanting stuff that isnt ours to grab, taking bites he teaches us not to bite! throw temper tantrums wine and all that stuff, I love it when a child tells the truth they may answer the door and say grandpa Its just who you were afraid of! ops! or you can have a repair person working at your house and the little darling will ask, mr. why are you so fat? they go outside put mud in their shoes and it sloshes out all over your nice clean floors, leave a little kid by themselves for a short time they seem to get side tracted or do things that are not the best things, we get angry at some of the stuff but we dont throw them away because we love them but we will reason with them deal with them show them a better way clean the dirt off them feed them and give them a nap.

  3. Well woke up this morning and was directed and read that scripture from the start this morning, Romans 8:15, Praise you My Abba Father. I will dance, sing, shout your name with no embarracement, because I love you with everything i have. There is nothing like sitting in my Father’s lap all day long. Just some of the out pours I receive from Him takevmy breath away can’t express it in words except, unique, awesome, unbelieveable. But i feel His love and Touch in me. Wow what an amazing Abba Father we have. I taste it sense it and love it. The Holy Spirit is awesome. I am His forever, what a Father.

  4. I praise you God for the natural and spiritual gifts that you give to your children and the heathen! In your son name! Just as Jesus Christ received instruction from his father concerning his will! We also receive instruction from God too! Jeremiah 19:1-13. Matthew 25:1-13. God bless you my fellow citizens of the Kingdom of God!

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