Matt. 14:20 And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.
Parris says I was effected (I think she said scarred) by some of my experiences tree planting. We would eat oatmeal for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and some kind of casserole (we called it glom) for dinner. It seemed like I was always hungry. Today she still teases me because I always ask her if she is making enough food, especially when we are having company.
In the feeding of the five thousand I often think of the little boy who gave his lunch. If he was like every other little boy, I’m sure he wondered where he would get his belly full, he had no idea what was about to happen. When the food started to be handed out, he was filled with amazement. Wide eyed with a mouth full of fish he just stared at Jesus. Who was this man who had food for everyone with plenty left over? Charles Spurgeon called him a “Filling Benefactor”. Check this out.

“No one was neglected, no one refused, no one was too faint, no one left till he was satisfied, no one needed anything else, no one found that the food did not suit him; for indeed they were all hungry, ‘and they did all eat.’ No one stinted himself, or was stinted, all ‘were filled’. Ours is a filling Benefactor, and he provides filling food. After the feast, twelve great baskets were needed to hold the fragments. It was impossible to exhaust the store. The baskets were full as well as the people. There was far more provision after the feeding than before it. By feeding others our stock increases. That which was left had been blessed as well as that which was eaten, and therefore it was fine food for the disciples. They gave plain bread and fish, and they receive more in quantity, and a blessing to improve the quality. Those who wait upon others at Christ’s bidding shall have a fair portion for themselves. Those who fill others’ mouths shall have their own baskets filled. Everybody is satisfied when Jesus makes the feast.”

What an incredible story, its not from hoarding that we have plenty for tomorrow, its by giving away what we have. This little boy left with more than a full belly that day. He left with a full heart. That is how it is for everyone who comes into contact with the love of God. His love not only fills our bellies and meets our needs, He expands our hearts and fills our souls with His abundance. The Lord has more than enough to supply all of our need and His heart is open and generous toward the hurting and and needy of this world. If you are tired of peanut butter sandwiches and oatmeal, give your lunch to the Lord. You will find yourself laying in the grass wide eyed and with full belly looking into the face of Christ.

4 Replies to “FILLED FULL”

  1. Amen, what an amazing Father. Happy Fathers day Father in the name of Jesus. Pastor Frank Happy Fathers Day. Have a great Day. I will see you at Church , love listening and watching you Preach.

  2. First of all Happy Dads day! giving always turns out to bless so many others, you will never outgive the Lord! I see it alot when we give from our hearts and for the right reasons the lord blesses it abundently over flowing! The widow gave all she had her gift was excepted she did it with her heart and love for the lord, The scribes and pharisees did it out of their chump change and to be seen of men their hearts were not right! I wanted to share with you all if you havent seen the new vidio Pilgrems Progress watch it you will really enjoy it, my wife and I watched it last night, id say its the best movie ive ever seen barnone. It really brings out alot of stuff you cant watch it just once to catch it all, The beleivers who brought this film to us had to really been blessed by the Lord they leave nothing out on our journey and walking with the lord, we are going to have a movie night and also share this with our youth group. we get things here slower than most places in this part of Arkansas so alot of you may have seen it, but if you havent seen it you all would really like it. got to get going god bless.

  3. Happy Fathers Day , Pastor Frank, this message is right on !God our Father does allways take care of us . Lets us look for the oppertiunity to bless Him , by loving our neighbor as our self. We look foward to our 4th of July , feed the multudes ! This is a great way to live this message. Thank you JESUS !

  4. Such fitting words for the coming 4th of July “Feed The Multitude” event. We can hardly wait to see the miracle of all again. Praise God for you Pastors Frank & Parris and the whole Victory Fellowship family of believers, volunteers, and other church families joining in unity…”to feed the multitude.”

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