Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
James 1:17

I can remember being in one of those difficult seasons that we all experience in this crazy world. It was about the same time we started Feed the Multitudes, around 1990. Reinhard Bonnke came to speak at our church and spoke on this passage, with God there is no shadow of turning. Brother Bonnke said that the Lord is always at high noon. Like a sun dial in the ancient world, at high noon there are no shadows. Bonnke went on to say that the Lord is always at high noon, always ready to work on behalf of His children. The simplicity of that message carried great power and was saturated with faith. I can remember how easy it was for me to believe God for the miracle that we desperately needed in our ministry. The miracle wasn’t one of those instant miracles of provision, it was much greater than that. The Lord began a long term change in me and in our congregation that preceded us being swept up into revival. Rienecker has a powerful thought concerning this same passage.

“God’s benevolence is like a light which cannot be extinguished, eclipsed, or shadowed out in any way at all. Nothing can block God’s light, interrupt the flow of His goodness, or put us in shadow so that we are out of the reach of His radiance.”

Nothing can block or hinder the intense, relentless, radiating power of the light of the Glory of the Lord. His Glory is shining down on you today, full of life, light, and supernatural provision. Gill also has some powerful insight on this passage.

“as there is in that great luminary, the sun in the firmament, which has its parallaxes, eclipses, and turnings, and casts its shadow; it rises and sets, appears and disappears every day; and it comes out of one tropic, and enters into another at certain seasons of the year: but with God, who is light itself, and in him is no darkness at all, there is no change, nor anything like it; he is unchangeable in his nature, perfections, purposes, promises, and gifts; wherefore he being holy, cannot turn to that which is evil; nor can he, who is the fountain of light, be the cause of darkness, or admit of any in him; and since every good and perfect gift comes from him, evil cannot proceed from him, nor can he tempt any to it.”

I love the constancy of the Lord, He is always there, always providing, always loving His people. His radiance is not only constant, it is penetrating. It pierces our very hearts, revealing the secrets we think are hidden away. This penetrating love is able to divide between the thoughts and the intentions of our hearts. As we allow Him to expose and purify our hearts with the Light of His Glory, we become prepared for His visitations. These visitations are sure and are unavoidable. Just as we cannot avoid the light of the sun, it is impossible to hide from the glorious light of His presence.

3 Replies to “SHADOW OF TURNING”

  1. One night, just weeks ago I walked outside to find a dark night, with little light from stars or moon, yet this amazing pillar of radiant light seem to fall out of the sky—it was more beautiful than I could describe. It was at that moment I realized that while I may not always see his radiance, we are completely covered by his constant majesty….Psalm 104 O Lord my God, how great you are! You are robed with honor and majesty. You are dressed in a robe of light. You stretch out the starry curtain in the heavens; you lay out the rafters of your home in the rain clouds; you make the clouds your chariot; you ride upon the wings of the wind.

    This is our God! The King of Glory, let us rejoice for the salvation he brings!

  2. We who are the disciples of Jesus Christ are his light shining out in the darkness! Matthew 6:22-23. Psalm 119:105,130;2 Peter 1:19-21. God bless you my fellow soldiers in Jesus Christ!

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