Matt. 14:20 And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.

Infinite supply, infinite is the one word that is incomprehensible. How can there be an infinite supply? I can’t understand it but His eternal attributes were glimpsed in the ministry of Jesus. There was the unprecedented water into wine, the mind numbing walking on water, the strange stilling of the storm. Who could ever forget the net-ripping, boat sinking catch of fish. Just when the disciples calmed down from one demonstration of God’s glory, there He was again, defying the odds and shocking everyone who happened to be there. The feeding of the multitudes grabbed all of the disciples attention. He was now bringing them into this arena called infinite. “You give them something to eat.” As they struggled to find food, they came across the little boy with the lunch. This was all they had, they were about to discover the infinite displayed in a little boy’s lunch. I have to say it again, infinite supply, how can there be a supply of anything that is limitless? Charles Spurgeon spoke about this infinite God who loves to display His glory.

“But this is the point that I want to show you: the power that multiplied the bread and the fish,and fed the thousands, had not come to an end. Their power to eat was exhausted, but not Christ’s power to feed; for when they had received to their utmost capacity, there was yet more to follow. The people were sharp set that day, the mountain air made their appetites keen, and their long fasting put a razor edge upon them; yet when they had all eaten to the full, great baskets were brought, and these were filled; in the one case twelve, and in the other seven of them. There is enough for each, enough for all, and still remaining for future needs. The infinite Worker reveals His infinity by His unstinted bounty, His unmeasured liberality.”

That is the amazing truth about God’s supply; enough for each, enough for all, and still ample supply for future needs. I am trying to let this soak into my head, He is and has more than enough for each of us in every circumstance. He is and has more than enough for all of us in every circumstance. He is and has more than enough for all of our future needs. Now I get it, that’s why the children of Israel in the wilderness were only allowed to gather enough manna for that day. God is a continual flowing fountain of provision. We are being taught to depend on Him everyday. There is sufficient grace available, there is infinite grace available, we are to drink it in each day.
So what kind of challenge are you facing today? Is it bigger than infinite? Take whatever you have, put it in the hand of the Lord, stand back and watch the Infinite One display His glory.

3 Replies to “INFINITE SUPPLY”

  1. “Their power to eat was exhausted, but not Christ’s power to feed; for when they had received to their utmost capacity, there was yet more to follow.”

    I love it! Jesus always exceeds any expectation or need and is never more than a heart’s cry away.

  2. This is really amazing, ive experienced this at different times im sure many of us have. sometimes we get caught in situations unexpectedly something happens we cant pay for it or have the ability or means to do it, we take it all to the Lord we tell him all about it, then we get our minds blown when He takes care of it, We surve a wonderful powerful Lord, It amazes me beyoun any kind of thinking, He has always meet my needs, maybe not my wants,He wouldnt give us anything that might not be good for us, like Frank shared today the Children of Isreal got manna each day and for that day that they needed it, if they grabed more trying to get ahead it just spoiled, our socity always trys to grab more, get ahead keep up with the Jones and not have their hearts set on the Lord as much, too busy making all they can get so often they just lose it anyway, not spending time with their wife or children the family falls apart and the lawyer ends up with most of it. I pray to be content the Lord gives us what we need, this I do know we need all of Jesus in our lives that we can get and we can be greedy on this!

  3. A lot of times God does many small miracles that brings joy to my heart! I found a bag on my book shelf with $5 in change inside. My aunt found a dollar in change between the floor of my room and in my laundry. My April and May phone bill were reduced by $7.oo to $7.50 each. I got $25.00 more on my unemployment check than usual. Never forget to give your tithe and offerings! There’s even more blessings than that of which God gave me! God bless!

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