Mark 8:4 And his disciples answered him, From whence can a man satisfy these men with bread here in the wilderness?

When the Lord told the disciples to feed the crowd of over five thousand people they were shocked, they were more than shocked, that was the most ridiculous request they had ever heard. To them, Jesus was losing it. The pressure was getting to Him. They knew this request was out of the question. They were miles from a bakery or a market. If they could even get to town it would take most of a year’s wage just to buy the needed food for such a crowd. No, Jesus must have snapped. That’s how I felt when the Lord told me to “Feed the Multitudes” in 1990. Out of the question! But His word kept coming to me, “You give them something to eat.” Charles Spurgeon spoke of the audacity of the expectations that the Lord puts on us. Check out his thoughts.

“From whence can a man satisfy these men with bread here in the wilderness? From whence? as if there could be any whence but one. Whence comes everything by which man lives? Comes it not from God? It goes round about in different channels, but it knows only one source. When any of these channels fail, the fountain is still flowing; and he that has faith to go to it directly shall not want. But it did seem to the disciples a very preposterous idea that with nothing but sand, and stone, and rock round about them, they should make a banquet for five thousand men. Is it not much more preposterous that the Christian church should have to evangelize London?”

London was a hard place in the 1800’s when the Lord called Spurgeon and his church to evangelize London. The Lord delights in commanding the impossible. He commands, we obey, and God comes through. That is the way everything is in this walk of faith.
For us at Victory Fellowship, He has called us to reach New Orleans with the gospel of His Son. New Orleans of all places. Sin city, the place where God and care have forgotten, the Big Easy. That’s right, He always calls us to do the impossible. That way, no man can ever take the credit for the results.
The Lord told us to throw a free food festival on the Fourth of July in 1990, Feed the Multitudes. It’s 2012 and we are still feeding the multitudes every year. Not only has the Lord provided “the bread and the fish” every year, He has used this event to challenge and deal with our hearts. Each year we open our doors to the down and out, the unfortunate, the sick, the emotional distressed, the elderly, the handicapped, and whosoever will in NOLA. The results have been stunning. The Lord provides the food and all of the resources for the day. There is music, medical care, hair cuts, shoes, face painting and activities for the kids. It is a great day of music, food, fun, and ministry. The greatest miracle each year is what the Lord does in our congregation. It is God’s attitude and heart adjustment in the lives of His people. How is it with your soul? If the Lord is asking you to get out of the box with His preposterous requests, rejoice, a miracle is on the way.


  1. Awesome! I really admire what you are allowing God to do Pastor. Sometimes I wonder what would our lives look like if we were to actually continually abide in the heavenly Vine. How different would it be if the very life of God were to so permeate our being till Love’s own fruit, the fruit of heaven were born in and through us the branches. But then, this is our calling is it not?

  2. Oh my dear, Pastors Frank & Paris nothing, nothing, nothing at all is too hard for our Great God and His Preposterous requests. What a blessing you are to many multitudes of people over all the years; and to think, He chose to ask it of you two.

    Excuse me for a moment while I go have a PRAISE BREAK for ya…Glory!…Glory!..Hallelujah!…Our God Shall….!

  3. He really does ask the impossible of us my friends! Just recently my hospital stay took away two weeks of my unemployment income ! From may 14-29 he told me to live off $57! At the moment there is about $1.59 remaining. He is still satisfying my every need! Then all of a sudden ton of emails for bad credit loans hit my phone! God spoke to me and said,”we are lenders not borrowers! We are also the head and not the tail! Have patience!” my flesh said,”take it you fool!” God is so awesome my fellow saints! Jesus Rules!

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