Thank God it’s Friday by Parris Bailey—!

“I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.” SOS 2:10

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to get to where you are comfortable with your relationship with Christ, comfortable in a precious way not to take it for granted. I compare it to climbing a mountain. Going up the mountain is certainly daunting but going down is way too costly. When it comes to sinning I just realize that it’s not worth the cost and the loss of the close relationship. Why stir up the lamb and wake the lion? No not me, thank you very much. “That ye stir not up, nor awake ; that you do not disturb nor offend him by your miscarriages, but permit him and me to enjoy a quiet repose. Do nothing to grieve him. The Master of this great house is not blind nor deaf, neither is he a person who is utterly careless as to how the house is managed; on the contrary, as God is a jealous God, so is Christ a jealous husband to his church. He will not tolerate in her what he would tolerate in the world. She lies near his heart, and she must be chaste to him. The Lord Jesus Christ looking around his church, if he sees anything evil in it, will do one of two things; either he will go right away from his church because the evil is tolerated there, and he will leave that church to be like Laodicea, to go on from bad to worse, till it becomes no church at all; or else he will come and he will trim the lamp, or to use the figure of the fifteenth of John, he will prune the vinebranch and with his knife will cut off this member, and the other, and cast them into the fire; while, as for the rest, he will cut them till they bleed again, because they are fruit-bearing members, but they have too much wood, and he wants them to bring forth more fruit. It is not a trifling matter to be in the church of God.” Spurgeon
John Gill said, “Those that experience the sweetness of communion with Christ, and the sensible manifestations of his love, cannot but desire the continuance of these blessed views, these blessed visits. Our care must be that we do nothing to provoke him to withdraw and to hide his face, that we carefully watch over our own hearts and suppress every thought that may grieve his Spirit.”

Did you notice that she charges the “daughters of Jerusalem” not to awaken or disturb this love? Because the world is filled with noise and it takes a lot of effort on our part to make sure “this noise” doesn’t crowd out this restful habitation that has taken so much effort on our part to obtain. I am probably being very repetitive with these blogs, but Christ has to be the object of our love everyday and through every circumstance. He beckons us under the apple tree, to eat his fruit, sit at the banquet table under his banner, letting his hands support us when we are lovesick. Yes, this is my kind of life. Shhhhhhh——:)

4 Replies to “SHHHHHHHHH”

  1. Amen, I can remember me saying thank God its Friday to go out partying drinking and doing drugs. What an Awesome God we have to serve. If we serve Him right and be Obedient and truthful with Him and ourselves. What a journey in the Church we will keep having filled with the Holy Spirit till we overflow Worshipping and having fun Loving our Family. Our (Brotherly and Sisterly), love we will have IN Our Fathers House. Thank God its Friday I have Biblical study tonight with my Christian Brothers and Sisters At 7:00pm tonight and of course Our Awesome Father, could not leave Him out, He’s the main, I mean the main ONE. Can’t wait, beats livingand going out to the Quarter by way eternity. Wow what an awesome and transforming Father we have. HAPPY FRIDAY.

  2. Eating at the master’s table is such a great pleasure! 1Peter4:19,psalm89:8,41:11,30:5,8:1,145:17,Hebrews11:5-6. Gods love is such a comfort to those who are hurting! Thank you Jesus Christ for giving us the ability to have a relationship with your farther! God bless you friends!

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