Psa. 73:25-26 Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee. My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

What is it that really makes you happy? Is it a four day weekend or maybe a vacation at a remote Caribbean hideaway? Or maybe it would be a new car or a brand new wardrobe. For someone else it may be a house in the country or winning the lottery so that you never have to work again. For others it may be to have success in your chosen field, to have your name known for doing something exceptional. For many years as a pastor I think my happiness was totally connected to my success in ministry, you know, “how’s the crowds and how’s the money?” None of us ever really face the stark reality of what makes us happy. I did that for the first time in 1994. It was that phrase “How’s the crowds and how’s the money?” that finally got to me. That was what a pastor friend of mind asked me after he had heard that the joy of the Lord had broken out in our church in New Orleans. I hate to say it but I heard myself in his words. The Lord began to deal with me about joy and what real joy was all about. Jonathan Edwards spoke often about the source of a Christian’s joy, listen to his powerful words.

“that whatever changes a godly man passes through, he is happy; because God, who is unchangeable, is his chosen portion. Though he meet with temporal losses, and be deprived of many, yea, of all his temporal enjoyments; yet God, whom he prefers before all, still remains, and cannot be lost. While he stays in this changeable, troublesome world, he is happy; because his chosen portion, on which he builds as his main foundation for happiness, is above the world, and above all changes. And when he goes into another world, still he is happy, because that portion yet remains. Whatever he be deprived of, he cannot be deprived of his chief portion; his inheritance remains sure to him.”

Have you ever seen God as your chief portion in life? I am not talking about His gifts or His blessings, I mean God Himself. That is the dilemma I found myself in in 1994. I had to face the ugly truth that my joy had always been based on the Lord’s blessings on me and my ministry and not on God Himself. The outpouring I was experiencing was, thankfully, not only exposing my sin but also making this life of joy in Christ available to me. Before that encounter, I really I had no idea about the Lord being my portion. Now I finally understood. The crowds and the money can come and go in the church world, but the joy of the Lord is eternal.


  1. The lord has dealt with my wife and I on exactly the samenothing can make us content in its selve only God can, some of our best times are when we are abased, we all need funds to survive and pay our bills but true joy only comes from the lord, i look at money more or less as a tool like I would my chainsaw or paint brush, something that is used for a perpose, all money is is dirty paper or dirty metal, that will buy something, need a loaf of bread take the money down to the store and get one. Money isnt evil its the love of the stuff that can take our hearts away from the lord, then it becomes evil and hinders us from the lord, jesus talked alot about money, the widows mites she gave her whole living where the scribes and pharisees threw in out of their abundance and they did it for show, the widow was blessed the others were not I pray nothing takes any of us away from our hearts in the lord, we cant afford that!

  2. I have had a lot, I have had nothing. My conclusion, nothing is worse than having everything and lacking Jesus. Only Loves presence can satisfy the longing of my heart and I will not be content until I know His fulness.

  3. Just recently my bad financial situation in the natural made me buy two scratch off lotto tickets,a mega million ticket,and a power ball ticket! Then God told me to read Deuteronomy 28. Concerning the curses that fell upon those individuals that ignored Gods commandments! We reap what we sow! I then ripped up those lotto tickets and threw them in the trash! Before the drawing! Then the latter rain of God fell upon me! God bless you friends!

  4. having been at Victory since Oct.1985, has given me a perspective that I know I would never have if I had not “endured”….I was very wealthy, that makes for someone skeptical of people and motives. I came to the Lord when I lost it all ( Jesus had the whole thing planned) I watched the “leadership” at church and summized that I wanted no part of that. But Sept 1994 came with a storm of God Himself, and I have watched as the transformation happened right-before-my-eyes ! Maybe we don’t say thanks enought but I thank God that He shook us all awake, and the wind is still strong….. Thanks Pastor for falling in, we are all blessed to drown with you…..

  5. I have Jesus every second every minute every o times nothing. I have Him no matter what happens, he has me and I have Him. I lost my life for Himall Surrenders and what a beautiful peace and covering of my Real Father I have. I LOVE YOU. Dance , sing , jump, shout, laugh, smile, all in my sweet JESUS.

  6. I Love His presence at Victory Fellowship. Blessings Pastor Frank, your church is where I found Jesus. Love you Pastor

  7. We all know the catchy Army commercial! It’s not just a job but an adventure! Most assuredly does God send his soldiers on adventures continuously! Financial adventures,living off of less food to survive,divorce,death of a spouse,death of a child,family members that don’t believe in Jesus Christ,and etc. Yet we are to keep fighting the good fight of faith!

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