Phil. 3:7-8 ¶ But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ.

The Apostle Paul had a total life change that he said began with his encounter with Christ on the Damascus Road. He was filled with anger and hostility toward the young Christian movement and was determined to do all that was within his strength to eliminate Christianity before it got entrenched in the world. He was on a trip to root out the Christians in Damascus when his whole life was permanently changed. Paul was swallowed up by the love of God with his radical encounter with Christ. Jonathan Edwards said that this love for God effected all that Paul said and did.

“Another instance I shall observe, is the apostle Paul; who was in many respects, the chief of all the ministers of the New Testament; being above all others, a chosen vessel unto Christ, to bear his name before the Gentiles, and made a chief instrument of propagating and establishing the Christian church in the world, and of distinctly revealing the glorious mysteries of the gospel, for the instruction of the church in all ages; and (as has not been improperly thought by some) the most eminent servant of Christ that ever lived, received to the highest rewards in the heavenly kingdom of his Master. By what is said of him in the Scripture, he appears to have been a person that was full of affection. And it is very manifest, that the religion he expresses in his epistles, consisted very much in holy affections. It appears by all his expressions of himself, that he was, in the course of his life, inflamed, actuated, and entirely swallowed up, by a most ardent love to his glorious Lord, esteeming all things as loss, for the excellency of the knowledge of him, and esteeming them but dung that he might win him. He represents himself, as overpowered by this holy affection, and as it were compelled by it to go forward in his service, through all difficulties and sufferings.”

Our Christian world today seems to be satisfied with a surface level, hip version of Christianity. Rather than having a life changing encounter, slick Christian empowerment slogans are peddled off as solutions to problems that clearly can only be changed by divine intervention. Surface level answers can never penetrate to the depths of our souls where all the issues lie. Paul was changed when he was knocked from his horse by the power of God. He found himself face to face with the King of Glory, He was looking into the face of the Eternal One, the Creator and Sustainer of all things. One moment in God’s presence and Paul was a new man. From that day on Paul counted all of his possessions and accomplishments in this life as nothing in comparison to the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

5 Replies to “ALL THINGS LOSS”

  1. I love it hopaul was delt with, too often we see people go up to be slain in the Spirit they have their body catchers there and cover them with a blanket so they dont get cold I like the old waty better were the lord knocks you on your butt no catchers were you hear a good bang when you hit, I have never heard of anyone being hurt by this, what a bunch of sissys we have now! when the lord does it it is done period! paul didnt have a catcher when he got knocked it wasnt the thing go up for your sunday slaying of the spirit deal some like to do, it was real! now so many isf they dont see this every meeting something is wrong, if the lord wants to do it he will cant manufacture this! or play Holy Spirit thats the Holy spirits job and no one else can come close to that luv ya all

  2. Oh my God Pastor Frank, this is EXCELLENT TEACHING! Thank God for you and it that you teach. The “it” here, is HIM!!

  3. I love the way the Lord just turned Paul around and transformed him. He took his hits and got right back up and continued working. We have the same thing if we just put it to work. Thank you Holy Spirit. Glory and Honor to the Father in Jesus name. Its all about Loving God and being Obedient to Him.

  4. Good word. I’m wondering when Paul said “I wish you were all as I am less these chains” if he wasn’t remembering when he first met Jesus! Sometimes it takes us being knocked off of our high horse, blinded,broken and someone else to lead us by the hand back to Jesus for us to sell out as Paul did. I wonder how difficult it was for Paul to forgetting the past, the acomplishments, the accolades, the “Hebrew of Hebrew status, “concerning the Law: Blameless” attitude, and count all things loss for the sake of knowing Christ Jesus. Paul,as Self righteous as he was at the time, sold completely out when he met Jesus. Wow, help my unbelief and forgive me Lord Jesus!

  5. Truly as Christians do we get attacked by the enemy! Financially,mentally,and physically! Paul was in ship wrecks,beaten with a whip several times,put in jail,and etc. Peter denied knowing Jesus Christ three times at his trial by the Pharisees. Not to mention when Mary and Martha said that they say him after the resurrection he didn’t believe them. All Christians are attacked by the enemy for believing in Jesus Christ! Thank you for forgiving us Jesus Christ!

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