We live in a troubled world that only promises to get worse. The Lord has provided spiritual gifts to strengthen us in days like these. A word that the Lord gave through me in our church in November 2004 was recently brought to my attention. Pay careful attention to these words, you never know, they may be just for you.

“Even as I spoke in My earthly ministry in parables and in hidden sayings, I spoke and taught in things of parables and hidden sayings when I was here in the flesh amongst you, My children, even today My wisdom is a hidden wisdom, My river is a hidden river, it can’t be seen with the natural eyes, it can’t be heard with the natural ears.
Yes, but it can be seen and it can be heard to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. It can’t be perceived with natural senses, but can be sensed with the heart of hearts, saith the Lord God.
For, yes, even in these days I pour out My mystery, My glory upon the earth. O Yes, I pour out My mystery, another portion of My Glory being poured upon you in these last days, saith the Lord . For you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace and I’ll lead you and I’ll go before you with my Mighty hands and My signs and My wonders in this generation, saith the Lord.
Draw near unto Me and listen to My voice, for I have a plan for you. O yes, I have a plan for you, saith the Lord God. I have a plan of good and not of evil for you, saith the Lord God. Eye has not seen nor ear heard the things that I have prepared for those who love Me, My children, and I have plans for you, plans that you couldn’t comprehend, plans that are beyond your capacity to believe even now.
But hold on to me day by day and moment by moment, for surely I take you by My hand into My will, into My revelation for your life. It’s a place of joy. It’s a place of celebration, yes, but a place of resistance, a place where lies will be spoken against you, but rejoice, My child, and lift up your eyes and look, for your redemption draws nigh for the day of My coming draws near. And even as there was an anticipation and a building and an expectancy amongst My people before My first appearing, yes, the days of My final appearing are at hand, saith the Lord. The days of My appearing draw near and as you celebrate in these days and you remember My first appearing, saith the Lord God, lift up your eyes and look, for the day of your redemption draws near. Tremble with fear and with celebration and joy before Me as the great and terrible day of the Lord draws near. For the time has come upon the earth. The time has come. The time has come. The time has come. The time of My appearing has come.
Hide yourself in the shadow of My wings. Hide yourself in the shadow of My wings, for the day of joy and the day of trouble is upon the land, saith the Lord God. Yes, the day of great joy and the day of great trouble is upon the land. Hide yourself, hide yourself in this mystery of God, saith the Lord.”

The word of the Lord is like an anchor to secure us in days of trouble. When the winds of life blow and the waves pound against us, we need to be securely attached to the Lord. Let this word anchor you to Christ and His word, we will need Him more than ever in the days ahead.
Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

3 Replies to “THE MYSTERY OF GOD”

  1. we cant lose site of this, we are not going to be here, this really isnt our home, we may be citizens of this country but over and past that we are citizens of Gods kingdom,the time is at hand,im sure glad He knows who are his, he will not leave or forsake any of usno matter how bad it gets, we have had good ole boys religious people put us down because we beleive in a right now god that we have a living relationship with we seek his will not programs that someone came up with, some programs are from the lord many are not, just good ideas that werenot even prayed about, a real lack of the word being taught and those that teach it come under fire from the so called clergy, we wont be involved with any of this so we now have people that dont like us, but also many that we are very close to wanting to move on in Christ, not be bogged down in dogma man made rules and all the other garbage people come up with that has no Biblical truth, you would think in these times all belivers would come together more, many are coming together its the professional clergy that wont, they cant get doctonial differences out of the way, I love seeing my Babtist brothers and assembly of god brothers praiseing the lord together as one in Christ we need to look for Jesus in each of us and get away from all that hinders the Body of Christ many of our babtist Brothers and sisters have received the Baptisnm of the Holy Spirit as a result of the Brethern loving one another.

  2. The people who truly love Jesus Christ and what he done upon the cross of calvary are laughed at by the world! We are looked upon as fools by the worldly people! I truly feel very grieved for the people who make their bed in hell! I praise you God continuously for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ! That every soul would have the chance to ask Jesus Christ to forgive them for their sins against God!God bless you all!

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