Gal. 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

Let’s face it, humans are filled with problems. Everything from physical health problems to an infinite number of emotional issues. We have tried all of the secular feeble attempts to fix us, of course we have put a Christian spin on it, but nothing we do to tweak our problems ever seems to fix us. Maybe it’s because our lives are unfixable. Now before you take me the wrong way, I don’t think we are in a hopeless state. I just think we need more than fixin’, I think we need to be swallowed up, to actually lose our identities in God. We don’t need a healthy self image, we need a new vision of God. Sarah Edwards had a life changing experience at a revival meeting in the church that her husband Jonathan pastored in Northampton, Massachusetts. Listen to her words on being swallowed up in God.

“I was entirely swallowed up in God, as my only portion, and his honor and glory was the object of my supreme desire and delight. At the same time, I felt a far greater love to the children of God, than ever before. I seemed to love them as my own soul; and when I saw them, my heart went out towards them, with an inexpressible endearedness and sweetness. I beheld them by faith in their risen and glorified state, with spiritual bodies re-fashioned after the image of Christ’s glorious body, and arrayed in the beauty of heaven. The time when they would be so appeared very near, by faith it seemed as if it were present. This was accompanied with a ravishing sense of the unspeakable joys of the upper world. They appeared to my mind in all their reality and certainty, and as it were in actual and distinct vision; so plain and evident were they to the eye of my faith, I seemed to regard them as begun. These anticipations were renewed over and over, while I lay on the bed, from twelve o’clock till four, being too much exhausted by emotions of joy, to rise and sit up…”

Sarah was describing in vivid detail an experience that she had with the Holy Spirit when a guest minister, Rev. Buell, held a series of meetings in their church. Jonathan was out of town ministering in another city when Sarah had this life changing experience which she described as being swallowed up in God. The change in Sarah’s life seemed to be quite permanent. Jonathan actually wrote of Sarah’s life changing encounter in his defense of revival many years later. If you have been settling for Christian slogans or some new hip version of casual Christianity maybe you need to have a visit from the God of Sarah Edwards. I have heard that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

4 Replies to “SWALLOWED UP”

  1. We never want to forget that the lord never changes, He is the same and that dont change we are the ones that need to be changed continueally, day by day for his glory and allow him to live in us, his charactor as a part of our lives, He will do this if we allow him and are willing to submitte, this is our free will to do this and its up to us if we really want this to be happening in our lives, the lord will open up doors so we can understand and do this with his help, to have our minds stayed on him is great! ever notice how much grace he gives us when we do this very thing?

  2. Some people who receive Jesus Christ into their lives glorify God most abundantly! David dukes former personnel body guard. Ann rice the author who wrote a series of books about vampires. A fellow saint that grew up in a household that worshiped satan.(a fellow saint that attended the House Of Prayer church with me) Not to mention the founder of the cripps street gang. His movie:Redemption! Check it out!

  3. Yep! We still need fixin, and I’m so grateful that he is still working on me, showing me how to love rightly and healing me mind, body, and soul

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