Rom. 8:13 For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

Do Christians struggle with sin? Everyone does, but there is a way to minimize the battle. All of us face temptation but sin loses it’s power and influence over our lives when we are filled continually with the Spirit. Paul said we can put to death these deeds of the body, or carnal appetites, by the Spirit. What is he talking about? How can we destroy sin’s influence in our lives by the Spirit? What Paul is describing is the fruit of a life changed by spiritual saturation. He was saying that we can choose to stay in the atmosphere of the anointing or spend our time pursuing the carnal pleasures of this world. If you spend time in the Spirit, it will break the chains of bondage that attach themselves to our souls. The more time we spend in a spiritual atmosphere and the deeper we go, the greater the impact that it will have on our lives. Albert Barnes spoke of destroying sin’s power by the power of the Spirit.

“If you live to indulge your carnal propensities, you will sink to eternal death; through the Spirit – By the aid of the Spirit; by cherishing and cultivating his influences. What is here required can be accomplished only by the aid of the Holy Spirit. To mortify – To put to death; to destroy. Sin is mortified when its power is destroyed, and it ceases to be active. The deeds of the body – The corrupt inclinations and passions; called deeds of the body, because they are supposed to have their origin in the fleshly appetites. Ye shall live – You shall be happy and saved. Either your sins must die, or you must. If they are suffered to live, you will die. If they are put to death, you will be saved. No man can be saved in his sins. This closes the argument of the apostle for the superiority of the gospel to the Law in promoting the purity of man. By this train of reasoning, he has shown that the gospel has accomplished what the Law could not do – the sanctification of the soul, the destruction of the corrupt passions of our nature, and the recovery of man to God.”

This can be a extremely liberating truth, we do not have to stay tormented by temptation that leads to condemnation at best or falling into sin at worst. The Lord has provided a way of escape. He has provided more than just an escape from sin, He has provided a whole new kind of life. As we drink of His Spirit we are not only destroying sin’s dominion in our lives, we are stepping into life itself. This new kind of life is a life of incredible satisfaction and joy as well as a life of power to fulfill the plans of God for our lives. So go ahead, get killed or slain by the Spirit, that old life needed to die and you can’t really live until he is gone.


  1. You know, I could have read this blog several years ago and thought well that seems to make sense, and I think I’ve heard that before, and even better I believe I really lived that way for the first 12-15 years of my 31 year life as a born-again christian. But unfortunatly for me and other christian friends of mine, we allowed ourselves to take “the slow fade” You know when it begins as a little compromise ( like watching “R” rated comedians) or any other piece of trash that you would not normally allow around you. It stings a little and is convicting, but after several times becomes “no big deal” You know what I mean. After awhile you begin to reintroduce yourself to your pre-christian pursuits for fun, excitement, and pleasure. This of coarse does not happen over night, I found it easier after I missed church the past Sunday. You know what I mean. Before long, you find yourself doing “counter-intelligance (if I go to such and such place, will any of my christian friends see me in my compromise) You know what I mean. If you allow this to continue as I did, to make a long story short, the fun, excitement, and pleasure was at best short lived, and hollow (it really didn’t make my life happier or better) and I was back full circle to where I was before I surrendered to God, turmoil and lots of misery and disappointments You know what I mean. What ultimately got me back to the place that Jesus had already purchased for me was His forgiveness, His grace, the prayers of others, a heart transplant, and the eye’s of my heart being opened to see my unedited path that I put myself on. Something that really helped me and might do the same for you is I started listening to christian music for hours at a time to saturate myself, meditate on the message and the worship. I never before realized how power full a medium that music was, and with the added bonus of the Holy Spirit intertwined in it, music could be the key to reaching the unsaved and backsliden like me. A line in the movie

  2. Shawshank Redemption says “get busy living or get busy dying. For me it should read “get busy living by get busy dying

  3. God really humbled me about knowing who is saved or not by reading:John 3:8. Philippians 2:12-13. Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Romans 9:23-26. Keep praying to God for guidance from the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ’s name! Read Ephesians chapter 6 my fellow soldiers in Jesus Christ! We are with Jesus or satan! I plead with you all choose life!

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