Mark 7:24 ¶ From there He arose and went to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And He entered a house and wanted no one to know it, but He could not be hidden.

I love that little phrase, “He could not be hidden”. It is impossible to hide away this great God, He is too great, too good, and too glorious. His nature demands to be revealed. He was in a quiet, far off place, but it didn’t take long for His glory to be seen. This Syrophoenician woman caught a glimpse of His glory, she would not stop until her daughter was made whole. Matthew Henry brings out the impossibility of hiding away the Glory of the Lord in his comments on this verse.

“How graciously he was pleased to manifest himself, notwithstanding. Though he would not carry a harvest of miraculous cures into those parts, yet, it should seem, he came on purpose to drop a handful, to let fall this one which we have here an account of. He could not be hid; for, though a candle may be put under a bushel, the sun cannot. Christ was too well known to be long incognito–hid, any where; the oil of gladness which he was anointed with, like ointment of the right hand, would betray itself, and fill the house with its odors. Those that had only heard his fame, could not converse with him, but they would soon say, “This must be Jesus.”

When Jesus ignored this woman’s request she began to cry out all the more, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.” She said I don’t need much of your greatness. Just a little crumb that falls from the table is all I need. What a stunning declaration, all I need is a crumb.
I have three dogs that always sit under my table, waiting for a crumb. These crumbs seem insignificant to me, but not to my dogs. These crumbs are the highlight of their day. To them, this is the treasure of all treasure. One little taste of human food, that is all they want. What seems insignificant to one is a treasure to another. Jesus took notice and complemented this woman’s faith. She recognized the greatness of the power of God resting upon Jesus. Just a little crumb, it won’t take much, just a little crumb will satisfy my need.
I want to have the faith of this Syrophoenician woman and the persistence of my dogs. There is an endless supply of Glory flowing out from the Lord. It won’t take much to change everything in my life. One crumb of this bread that falls from the Master’s table and my heart will be full. One little overlooked morsel and my lack will be taken away. So today, I think I’ll join my dogs under the table, maybe something will fall my way. It won’t take much of His omnipotence to change everything in my life.

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