“I am the Rose of Sharon, I am the Lily of the valley” SOS 2:1
Merry Wednesday by Parris Bailey
I love springtime! Who doesn’t? In New Orleans it might just last a month before the sweltering heat sets in, but all around plants are budding. In fact even the large oak trees commands his presence with all the residue they leave on our sidewalks and cars. Christ in this passage is commanding His entrance! I am that I am! He invades us in our senses in all of His beauty. Spurgeon says, “Go walk around in the fields of heavenly contemplation. He is the rose but it is not given unto all men to perceive his fragrance. He is the fairest of lilies, but few are the eyes which have gazed upon his matchless purity. He stands before the world without form or comeliness, a root out of the dry ground, rejected by the vain, and despised by the proud.”
It is His pleasure that His called out ones should be delighted with, His beauty. We are not to treat Him like He is only our bare necessity but as a luxurious delicacy, a rare and ravishing delight like the rose and lily. Our thoughts of Him increase our love of Him. When we lift Him up He lifts us up out of the dung hill. Our sweet thoughts of Christ draw out our pain and sufferings. His fragrance and His whiteness purifies all our grievances. We should admire this spotless purity and this balm of Gilead.

“White and ruddy is my beloved,
All his heavenly beauties shine;
Nature can’t produce an object,
Nor so glorious, so divine;
He hath wholly won my soul to realms above.” (Spurgeon)

We have here a mixture of divine excellencies. Crimson red and bright white, his crimson blood flows freely upon us, His purity makes us white as snow. “And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” (Revelation 6:11 KJV)
Christ comes to arouse all our spiritual senses. Our eyes can see His beauty everyday. Even Solomon in all his glory can’t be compared to a lily. Too bad we see through a glass darkly. Often we do not see this anointed one walking among us. We miss the smell or beauty of the rose for our senses and our eyes have become dull or even worse, accustomed to His beauty. We must learn to look everywhere for Him. Though we don’t actually see Him in His physical form yet the sweet influence that flows from His love should permeant our very being. Christ is so lovely that He needs no beautifying. He will satisfy us to the very full and we must consider the daily need of this rose and this lily. Press this rose into your very bosom, let the oil of it stain your very heart. Find this precious lily of the valley and receive this purity into your spirit. It’s truly Springtime!

2 Replies to “THE ROSE OF SHARON”

  1. Jesus is my savior,commander and chief,brother in arms,creator,and so much more! Without him life doesn’t exist! Being a soldier for Christ is truly a blessing! We will be praising him for his unending love for all eternity my fellow saints! Psalm 85:1;5:12;89:17.revelation 5.

  2. You know its amazing how everything you mentioned is so true. He is such an amazing creator, I’m lost without words. You know I feel like a new spring flower that is opening up to be as bright and colorful as He has created those beautiful flowers of the spring. I am a new creation for Him because of what He has done for me in my life since I’ve been saved in 2002. And it just keeps getting better and better all the time. I’m so excited can’t wait for next challenge from Him. He is so amazing. Might sound crazy, but He’s different to ans i guess I’m a blossom flower all new because of Him. I Love Him with all my mind heart strength. Happy Spring everyone. praise Him. I want to Shine for Him.

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